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  1. It’s like suggesting eller won the cup last year for Washington lol um nope. I’m sure Washington loves Eller but I don’t think anyone believes he won Washington the cup. I’m sure they could have got along without him. Their coach Herman Munster was the difference! That guy don’t get the respect he deserves. some people even call him names like Herman Munster
  2. Am I the only one aware that Poehling’s wingers were his FAR less talented brothers in the Minors? Judging by the comments, I am.
  3. Really getting tired of Prust's diving routine :lol:
  4. I would be the one to complement White usually but I didn't see the game. I will be watching it today when I get home at 6:00am with a beer in hand!
  5. Thanks Aussie If I was a player I would take that deal. Then I would go to the media and announce it as another victory for the owners. I would put it out there right away that the players will not allow the owners to win a third time in a row. I would announce on the same day of the deal, that if the owners were to be so greedy as to ask for even 1% more in the next CBA the players would hold out for however many years it would take to resist them. Being recognized as the loser twice in a row could really put the players in a position of power for the next CBA negotiations.
  6. I heard some news on am 640 tonight about the NHL's time sensitive offer to the players. You people on this forum usually find out this info way before I do. So I'm a little worried it might not be solid. That's why I'm putting this in the rumors thread. According to am 640 the time sensitive offer includes a 49% share of the revenues for the players. And to avoid confusion the HRR definition will remain the same as in the last CBA. Maybe someone can confirm or correct this news?
  7. I'm such a fan of Markov but don't count on him too much just yet. We don't know if he is still Markov or if he is Humpty Dumpty!
  8. WHAT! The great Pacioretty is only getting paid 4.5m? The NHL must be bias against NA players! When will GMs realize that NA players deserve just as much money as the Russian players? Good job MB. You got my vote!
  9. I don't feel that he has any trade value. If I liked him as much as you, I wouldn't want to trade him at all though. Why do you want to trade him?
  10. I think/hope this is true. You can't have one or two middle weights stick up for a whole team. It has to be a team effort. You need three or six hard nosed guys in there. Moen isn't a juggernaut but he can be a piece of the toughness/grit puzzle!
  11. Awwww! You mean he's gonna be another Sundin scenario! LOL Does it matter at all that he's related to Price?
  12. Good example, but are you hinting about us getting the piece(MT) that the pens got rid of at all? lol
  13. If I was going to hang my hat on Bergevin's potential to get us to the playoffs, I would be counting on him making it more fun to be a Hab. You can't discount the mental difference between a depressed team and a loose happy positive team. JM was a talented coach but couldn't have possibly been any fun to be around. PG couldn't have been any fun to be around. Carbo wasn't any fun to be around. I think players might have been in aw to be around a legend like BG, but he's sooo serious. I bet he was still no fun. I'm looking forward to the winds of change Now to wait for someone to explain to me that when you're winning you're having fun
  14. Hey thanks for the effort. I think your best point was Frolov. I don't know much about him. I see his last contract was for 3m. His numbers suggest he could have been paid a little more. I'm not a fan of Zherdev's. His last year he made 2m. I think both these guys were offered small short contracts to see where they were at and they chose to leave the NHL to get bigger contracts in the KHL. Where as, players like Latendreese took 1.25m on a one year contract to stay in the NHL. Micheal Ryder put up the best looking numbers out of the group while also being pretty durable and he is making less this year than he was on his last contract. He only gets $500000 more than what Frolov was getting. But he'll take it to stay in the NHL. Ryder could probably get $5M in the KHL, maybe more. Benoit Pouliot is a 30 point guy that gets paid 1.8m to play and Sergei Samsonov is a 30 point guy that gets paid 2.5m to play. I don't get it, that's almost 50% more for SAMSONOV! Ewwww I think Andrei Kostitsyn got paid fairly, 3.25m. Or say Afinogenov at 3.3m is fair. In contrast, I think there are some over paid Russians. Like Volchenkov with a 6y at 4.25m per season while he generates his 10 points per season and Ilya Bryzgalov and his 9y contract with a cap hit of 5.6m. He will be 40 years old when the contract is over. He will retire before that. He wont be playing for the 1.25m remainder on the last year of his contract. So he's almost making Price money! The one thing that rang true for me on this topic was that nine times out of ten the overpaid players were North American, on the web sites I looked at. That is where I can see the Bias.
  15. Hey weeps I was wondering if you would name some Russian player examples who are being lowballed? And how much they should be making per season? I'm not suggesting that you can't do it but I think it would help put some meat on the bone of your complaint. You already mentioned Kovalev and Semin getting lowballed. But Montreal paid Kovalev 4.5M. How much should he have got, 5.5M?,6M? Semin got a crazy crazy crazy 6.7M from Washinton. How much should he have got, 8M? For me 6.7M was too much. Thanks in advance. Of course, I am interested in everyone's input.
  16. One more thing. What if Semin is a player that could cause a distraction for the team. It is possible that GMs have info that we don't. Say we sign him to a six year deal and he comes in all toxic and poisons Galchenyuk! We all remember the Samsonov Incident. Or were we just picking on Samsonov because he was Russian
  17. THIS! And I agree that a one year deal for Semin is totally different. I would do that!
  18. Maybe it's just me but I feel I'm watching exciting hockey when I see that little titan Parise doing his thing. I didn't agree with his contract though. I feel a player has to have size and/or be physical to get above the 6M mark. Semin does have a couple other things in common with the players mentioned above. He's less useful in the playoffs than in the regular season. He's not likely going to intimidate anyone physically or offensively. To get him we would have to overpay for him. And he's a bit of a ninja. He can disappear into thin air Semin is the better player but I bet there would be someone out there to argue that Kaberle in his prim or Gomez in his prim were the same caliber of player as Semin. Not me though. I never liked Gomez or Kaberle.
  19. I would be fine with anyone cheap and short term. Not a fan of Kovalev but I would even take him on a 1Y/1m,2M contract. Or stand pat and go down with the ship for one last year, draft well for one more year and wait for the crop of free agents next year which I am told will be far better than this years crop. Leave MB some room for making moves. I know it doesn't sound very glamorous but this is the position we have found ourselves in. I don't want to put any lipstick on this pig! I want to add pieces for the future if they come are way but this team right now has a face only a mother could love. We will look soooo much better next year. Maybe even enough to attract some high end FAs.
  20. It sounds like a lot of people have been waiting impatiently for a Russian to not get a contract, just to bring up this subject. Maybe there is an argument to be made and maybe there isn't but in this case it might not hurt to BE patient and WAIT for Semin to NOT get his contract before protesting. If Semin gets an 8Y/50M contract this whole conversation is going to look pretty silly. Personally I am thrilled that MB hasn't signed him and I will feel relieved once some other team signs him. We should be signing players that will be an important part of our future or wait til next season to find the right fit. I don't like the "sign a player because we need a player" strategy. We don't need another Bourque Kaberle Gomez type player. By the way, non of these three players are Russians.
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