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  1. No miss read this: Canadiens triple whammy: Staal, Gallagher and Price | HI/O Show
  2. Isn't it time to get over this we have Weber not Subban who would do his spins on the blue line and loose the puck. I'm happy with Weber as he is a stand up player maybe not as fast or mobile as some but gets the job done. We are going to have a great year if every one says healthy.
  3. I’m 65 so been a Habs fan for approx. 60 years, also started watching B&W TV. and I will carry on being a Habs fan. Go Habs Go
  4. So just say we do get a number one centre and defence is not looking to bad, what happens?
  5. Well it’s good to have him finish his career in Montreal. Maybe they can treat somebody the right way! If it keeps up maybe we can sign some hockey players and stop giving them away all the time?
  6. Why is it embarrassing? Attitude is everything you have a bad attitude that’s how you play, have a good attitude about playing and being there you play better.
  7. Why would we move Price, he is still the best goalie in the league! Weber I could see. PAC no our best goal scorer.
  8. What time does this all start tomorrow?
  9. What about this guy: Evan Bouchard, D, 6-foot-2, 193 pounds (London, OHL): Did more than enough in the regular season to earn his meteoric rise up everyone’s list. He thinks the game well well, shoots the puck a ton, and is as strong as an ox, which will allow him to log big minutes down the road.
  10. Quote from LeBurn: It's a very poorly kept secret that Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin is desperate to add a center to his roster so it would be fair to assume that they would want a player that fits that description if they were to give up their captain in the deal. The problem however is that of the players who fit that characterization on the Kings roster we really only have Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter. You can immediately eliminate any notion of Kopitar being traded and I'm not so certain that the Kings are all that interested in trading Jeff Carter either. That being said though Pacioretty is 4 years young than Carter and although Carter plays a more valuable position he also counts for nearly $1 million more against the cap. Additionally Carter is under contract for 4 more seasons and he will be very old by NHL standards come the end of that deal, Pacioretty on the other hand is entering the final year of his contract. I'm still not certain the Kings would consider it, despite the fact that Carter is also coming off his own struggles in this most recent season, but there are some ways this trade could make sense for both sides.
  11. Now MB is taking about giving up the third pick, how does that make everyone feel?
  12. Domi’s first year was a good one and it’s not his fault he was traded to the Habs so I’ll give him the benefit of him showing if he can play. Julien, we picked up a coach that was let go and we let him go to I think a couple of years ago so he is not the man for this team. And, I don’t know who is as if I did I would be running this this. i like reading what all of you have to say but I am still going to watch and maybe they’ll do something.
  13. Good trade let’s see what Domi can do before anybody is hanged. Alex was up and down maybe if he played centre it would have been different but it wasn’t and he didn’t.
  14. All that being said, who are we going to have as a real Montreal Canadiens player? I know with the salary cap things changed but I would still like to hang on to a play for more than a couple of years that way you wouldn't have to say who is that guy playing tonight. What ever happened to a team staying together for awhile?
  15. Untouchable, we need somebody with a will to play for the team (Habs). I also think Pleks will be back next year.
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