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  1. Help Any one see the Montreal Canadiens they where suppose to play game 5 off the playoff last night but they never showed up.
  2. time for some one to wake the habs up because the coach can't do it.I mean these players are not even in the game.
  3. Team is no good,too many years of poor drafting,short season means every game is a playoff game. Got to show up to play from the drop of the puck until the game is over.every player got to give 100 percent the full game which we are not getting. I mean if this great organization dont start making it clear you dont give 100 percent you are going to be out of here .we are not going go anywhere and this being going on for to many years. Most of the habs would only be 3rd liners on most teams. The habs made a poor coach decision again and if we only gets 3 wins in the first 10 games he should be gone,but they well not fire him.Coaches are a dime a dozen and like the players you got make it clear to the coach win or your gone. If the players dont show up to play Tuesday someone got do something fast or we finish dead last. Truthful I am a shame of this great organization and how the team as performed the last 20years
  4. Hi I am Irving. I fell in love with the habs in the 70's watching the big bird and the flower.I believe in hard work and if you want something done right you got do it your self.
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