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  1. I wish we had the expos back
  2. False, but I'm visiting Europe next year, so I might go. The poster below me can to a backflip (on a trampoline, of course)
  3. True, but they wouldn't be called the Nordiques, Colorado Avalanche own that name. The poster below me has a birthday in the month of October.
  4. does a canoe count? the poster below me has a jersey other than a habs jersey.
  5. Good luck in St Louis Halak, hope you do well, but not as well as Carey
  6. False, but I wear sunglasses. The poster below me has a younger sibling.
  7. True, I always have my ipod touch handy just in case I need to. The poster below me has been to NYC
  8. True, I'm waiting for the yearbook! The poster below me loves Dora the Explorer
  9. It depends, if you're talking about baseball hats, yes. the poster below me has a Carey Price jersey
  10. False, I'm too young. The poster below me had a terrible sleep last night (I know I did)
  11. I wanna se Vampires Suck and regardless of how the movie goes I'll give it 10/10 because its making fun of Twilight
  12. Very true! The person below me likes Roger Federer (as a tennis player, not a crush/man-crush
  13. False The poster below me likes Nutella
  14. False, lowest mark I've gotten is a 80% The person below me likes the]is skit at the 2010 nhl awards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxgE1fxvP7w
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