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  1. I'm not gonna go back and read 15 pages of opinions to see if anyone has mentioned this topic, but does MB have a problem with Russian players that's come to light this past year? There's the Markov disrespect listed above. He doesn't offer Radulov an adequate contract and then tries to match Dallas' offer, but too late for Rad (again...disrespect). He leaves Emelin unprotected for expansion draft. He trades Sergachev, who's loaded with potential, for a player (albeit French-Canadian) with past problems. He and MT sure seemed to misuse Galchenyuk on a regular basis (yes, I know he's American but his father was from Russia). Also, I know MB drafted Sergachev, but could he have just drafted him for trade bait, with no intention of giving him a chance to play for this team? Or am I just seeing something with a racial tone because of all the tensions going on as of late? And throughout history for that matter. And one more thing, trading a beloved African-Canadian star player who was becoming the face of the team instead of the player THEY wanted...Price. Just wondering.....
  2. Greeting to all from the "Penguins/Sabres fans wasteland". Loved the video - funny to see other teams in that situation instead of the Habs. It's been far too long since we"ve enjoyed a season like this. The boys exorcised their demons against the Isles on Thursday, now it's time to take care of the Sabres. I can feel it! GO HABS GO!!!
  3. After the Buffalo game, I've been wondering what God has against the Habs!?!
  4. Hello, I'm Al Christoph from Erie, Pa. I'm a life-long Habs fan stuck in Penguin and Sabre territory. When I was young, my sister took me skating at the local ice rink and I met Rick Chartraw who was playing for the Erie Lions at the time. Honestly, I don't remember metting him, but once my sister told me he was playing for the Montreal Canadiens...that was it,that was my team! My favorite Hab is every one that wears the jersey with pride. GO HABS GO!!!
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