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  1. I think we saw that his place is definitely on the wing. He is better at throwing his man off his game when he's at wing than at center. I also think that a 1 year deal would be silly, I think he's earned at least 2, and he wont cost much and is a pretty safe investment. I heard 3 years, 4 mill thrown around on this page, and that would be a pretty good signing.
  2. What! How can you give Duck Soup a 7 and monkey business 9/10?! Haha still great to see someone else appreciating these fine films
  3. I'm going to need to spice this thread up and tell you I am listening to Providence by Godspeed You! Black Emperor Great Montreal band
  4. Hasn't really hurt us yet. Sure, his defensive play is lacking, but maybe he just needs to get used to the nhl game again. His career plus/minus is pretty good for an offensive minded short guy. I like this acquistion a lot. Something had to be done, and for the money Gainey could spend, this was a good move. And he's gotta have some degree of toughness to stay in that Atlanta game. Two goals and counting for Marc-Andre
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