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  1. The only thing that's truly baffling is how to satisfy a Habs fan. If you're the girlfriend of a Habs fan, you're probably going to want to bring a top pairing, puck moving defense man to bed with you. Even then, it's not guaranteed they'll be happy. Edmundson is not top pairing for sure. But he's not a Beer League guy either and this is the part that kills me: When MTL drafted Cole Caufield 15th ova, Habs fans cried, we need more size. So MTL goes and gets more size on the blueline, who can contribute offensively, Block shots, hit, kill penalties and everyone says: Oh he's too big, too slow, etc. BTW. Jeff Petry was 28 years old when Bergevin acquired him at the deadline from EDM. In his 295 career games as an Oiler he put up 17 career goals. In 385 career games with MTL he's posted 52 career goals, 3 times his career total with EDM. It's not about where you start, it's about where you end up. I'm probably the only Habs fan right now who is willing to give both Edmundson and Bergevin the benefit of the doubt.
  2. I can't help but think there's correlation between the Jake Allen and Joel Edmundson acquisitions. I also think the addition of Edmundson gives a little more size to a blueline and a team overall that has traditionally lacked it. For those who don't understand what he brings to the table, here's some numbers to crunch: 118 hits-1st among CAR defenders 91 Blocked Shots-Tied for 3rd on CAR 2:48 MINS on PK per game-3rd on team +7 +/-Tied for 3rd on CAR blueline His +/- alone would've put him in 2nd on our blueline in that category. He would've been 3rd on our defence corps in hits and blocked shot as well. I think he shores up our blueline pretty good, leaving Mete, Kulak and Romanov to fight it out for the final 2 spots in the top 6. If anything this move affords you the ability to be patient with Romanov and his development.
  3. The sad part is, the cap space may change, but the make up of the team under Bergevin is doomed to remain the same
  4. I saw a rumor of Buff Daddy signing in MTL
  5. How do you figure it's worthless.
  6. https://www.tsn.ca/red-wings-habs-win-big-in-tsn-hockey-s-simulated-lottery-1.1464643 IF you're missing hockey that much, tsn.ca decided to give us hockey obsessed Habs fans a scenario to ponder. In a recent mock lottery and draft, TSN has the Habs winning the Lotto and picking Quinton Byfield at 2. By all acounts, Byfield is "The Next One" as far as #1 centres with size go. If that is the case I would be perfectly happy if Bergie walks out of the draft with a 1-2 punch of the future in Byfield and Kotkaniemi. To be honest, Byfield could make the team out of camp potentially, which would be fine if it means Kotkaniemi gets a full year down in Laval with Ylonen as his trigger man. I would like to ideally have most of our Marquee prospects of the future learning how to win at the AHL level before bringing them up to the NHL. Byfield could also translate into swinging a deal for a top pairing lefty. I would think MTL could send the flyers a 2nd and a 3rd to Philly for Ghostibere.
  7. I'm not saying I've given up on Jesperi Kotkaniemi as a prospect or a hockey player. I'm saying I am highly skeptical of MB and staff abilities to properly develop young talent. I very much hope he becomes the No. 1 centre we desperately need.
  8. I think the fact of the matter with Bergevin is he still has an elephant in the room in the form of player development. Why are so many of our 1st rounders not NHL ready or living up to initial projections. Why do they look so damn promising until they get to MTL? The frustrating part of Marc Bergevin is twice now he's used our top 3 pick to draft the centre of the future we still do not appear to have. Once again in the text book definition of mental illness, Marc Bergvin has thrown his top 3 centre of the future under the bus, hoping for a different result. it's time perhaps to clean house and get a fresh set of eyes on this team.
  9. But would Joe Sakic? He might do Drouin for Byram straight up.
  10. I think overall it'll be good for any prospect not named Nick Suzuki to be playing down in Laval.
  11. I think if the plan is to bring in Romanov once his KHL deal expires, it only stands to reason that you would want a guy like Kovalchuk. A veteran presence for the young Russian to mentor under signed to a modest extension is a huge asset. It also helps young sniper Cole Caufield. I would be interested to see if Caufield ends this season in Laval, if not MTL to add scoring punch. I would be interested to know how contract talks are going for both Romanov and Caufield.
  12. I would be shocked if Gardiner actually signs in MTL.
  13. I think people are too pessimistic going into this season. I think too much emphasis is put on big ticket names. You look at what TOR and EDM did last year with the big ticket names everybody claims we're missing from our line-up and it really wasn't all that much. Remember, the Stanley Cup goes to the best team. Not to the team with most high profile individual signed to the biggest contract.
  14. Anybody want to take a run at a Chris Kreider who put up 28 goals last year? I'd rather have him on our side than have him take another skates first run at Carey. Maybe a package of Peca, Hudon and a 5th?