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  1. Kieth Gretzky has so much more work to do for whoever takes over in EDM. KG needs to give his successor as much cap space as possible going into the draft and free agency. MTL should step in and see if they can get Puljujarvi on the cheap for giving EDM much needed cap relief IMHO.
  2. Huberdeau is a LW for starters. Kotkaniemi is head and shoulders a better player than Huberdeau. Kotkaniemi is Elite. Huberdeau is not the answer in MTL. Poehling is also Elite, not to mention game changing. I reference the Sweden game at the world juniors this year where he scored a natural hat trick to tie the game. Although the US lost, Poehling carried the team on his back to get them to overtime in the first place. Both Kotkaniemi and Poehling are better than Huberdeau. You could argue that Huberdeau is better than Suzuki and you may very well be correct, however, MTL is only one season removed from a ship-wreck/tire fire season. I think it's in MTL's best interest to play a chess match with GM's who are tight against the cap and see what you can get for next to nothing. Either that or do nothing at all. This is the Sweden game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-0Nl3DqSjQ
  3. It’s not all that laughable. Dale Weise would be the only other forward from the 2014 ECF on the roster, if he ever got a call up. Brendan Gallagher is the other. He excelled as a Hab so don’t be at all surprised if he isn’t called up for the home stretch. BTW, Dale Weise and Thomas Fleishmann was what Chicago got for Phil Danault and a 2nd rounder that ended up being Romanov. Not bad.
  4. Given the way this team is playing, they could be making a case for staying pat. If it isn’t broke why fix it? Hang on to your picks and get some more pieces to build on. No one expected you to be this good. If you’re already winning as is, why overpay at the deadline? Unless something falls into your lap, keep the guys who got you here together.
  5. Mikko kokkonen is someone that Bergevin could be looking at as far as left handed d go.
  6. I honestly don’t see sergachev coming back either, but It’s fun to daydream. Ultimately I think and somewhat hope MTL.stands pat and continues to draft the cup champ of the future
  7. Sergachev is no more a pipe dream than Fowler or Edler. MTL has the cap space to take on a salary like Callahan's for the remainder of this year and absorb the buy-out of his final year. You do that favor for Tampa and they'll hand over Sergachev. Players get traded back to teams all the time. If you loosen up cap space for them to make all-in moves at the deadline, they may be willing to give you back Sergachev. I think it'll cost a little more since it's in the division, so this would be my pitch: To TB: Charles Hudon, Jordie Benn, Conditional 1st, 2019 (The condition being if we win the cup, TB get the 1st. If not, TB gets our 2nd) To MTL: Mikhail Sergachev, Ryan Callahan That's a more than fair offer to take on a 5.8 mil 4th liner and a struggling sophmore. Ryan Callahan BTW, is a +17 in give away, take away differential. MTL could use a guy who creates more turnovers than he causes. Ultimately I don't think this move happens and MTL picks another younger LD in the in the draft with their 1st.
  8. https://www.tsn.ca/countdown-to-tradecentre-what-to-do-with-callahan-1.1253094 Odd Man Out Tampa Bay Lightning forward Ryan Callahan revealed Tuesday that he's been relegated to the 13th forward role with the team and will be a healthy scratch for the majority of games moving forward. Callahan, who has five goals and 13 points this season in 41 games, has the second highest cap hit among Lightning forwards this season at $5.8 million and is signed through next season. The 33-year-old has a partial no-trade clause and Joe Smith of The Athleticreports he hasn't been asked to about it as of yet. His agent Stephen Bartlett told Smith he believes Callahan will remain with the Lightning past the trade deadline. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that next year is very much in question,” agent Stephen Bartlett said. “But we’ve seen this coming for a long time. They have a lot of guys coming up for contracts. At some point the role (Callahan) is playing is very expensive. I’m sure they’ll look for a solution for that. I don’t have any misconceptions of that. I understand where that is in their current system. “But if you’re asking me about the next couple months, if I’m a betting man I say he’s here and plays a role.” Smith believes Callahan will be a buyout candidate if the Lightning can't find a trade partner this summer, when extensions for Nikita Kucherov and Yanni Gourde will kick in and Brayden Point hits restricted free agency. In the meantime, Callahan said he's working to get back into the lineup. “No matter what point in your career, it’s not easy to be a healthy scratch,” Callahan told The Athletic. “The rotation, at least it’s a little bit easier knowing you’re going to be in there. But now, being informed you’re the 13th and won’t be playing in the rotation, it makes it harder. No question, it’s tough mentally. But, at the same time, when I get in there I’ve got to do what I can to try to stay, whether it’s putting the puck in the net, blocking shots, taking the body. The way I approach it is, whenever I get an opportunity, I’ve got to prove myself.” I know I'll get heckled pretty hard for saying this, but MTL has a BUNCH of cap space and cap friendly contacts (Weber and Price, of course are the 2 glaring exceptions). Marc Bergevin has been rumored to be looking for another Joel Armia type deal. On one of those TSN radio shows I heard Lebrun and Gord Miller discuss taking on Callahan's cap hit and how good a piece they could get for giving Tampa that cap relief at the deadline. They seemed to believe MTL could score a really good piece from Tampa for taking on Callahan's deal. So if I'm Bergevin, maybe there's a way to wiggle my former 9th OVA pick, Michail Sergachev out of Tampa Bay. He's having a tough year and maybe, Brisebois would be willing to sell low on him so Tampa has the cap flexibility to do other things at the deadline.
  9. Fowler is a pipe dream at best. I do not see the point in tearing apart this core that is finding ways to win in spite of all their shortcomings. MTL is going to target team tight against the cap, in hopes of landing another puzzle piece in exchange for helping said team out of cap hell. And there is no shortage of teams who need cap relief.
  10. I still think MB ends up with either Burakovsky out of Washington or Puljujarvi out of EDM as returns for giving those respective teams cap space at the deadline.
  11. Would MCCarron, Hudon and a Conditional 1st in 2019 (The condition being if you make the conference final, LA gets your 1st. If not, it defaults to the 2nd) be sufficient for Muzzin?
  12. Washington is incredibly tight against the cap. Adding 900,000 more a year for 4 more years I would have to think is a hard no. The Caps are the best trade partner for MTL because they’re looking to win again this year but still be mindful of the cap next year. My suggestion for a Burakovsky deal in a previous post was: To WAS: Benn, Agostino and Niemi To MTL: Burakovsky and a pick or prospect The pick and or prospect are optional as far as I’m concerned. Burakovsky could be nice option for a big body in front on the PP. He’s also a cheaper option than a Wayne Simmons’s rental as suggested by Craig Button. Benn, Niemi and Agostino are a perfect fit for Washington as they get affordable rental depth for the playoff run.
  13. See, given the struggles that we had last season, I don’t see the point in trading away pieces of your forward core. Why fix something that’s not broken. Now that we have depth at forward, why trade it away? You’re most likely right and if Mikko Kokkonen is available when we pick then, pick him. But Leason is a scorer who can play in Laval right away.
  14. I don’t want Bergevin to move MTL’s 1st should in 2019, because I want Brett Leason. And if Bergevin is picking between 20-25, Leason should be the pick
  15. I would love to see Weber traded to TOR for Kapanen and a 1st. We most likely will NOT see that happen. I'd also be willing to at least see if EDM would do Gallagher and Hudon for JP and a 1st. Again, this most likely won't happen because MB has built his roster around the Lunch pail, blue collar mentality of a Brendan Gallagher and Shea Weber. Ultimately, I think MTL should package Niemi, Benn and Agostino to a team tight against the cap who needs depth for a playoff run (Washington) for say Andre Burakovsky.