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  1. TBH, Drouin and Shaw for Ghost and 11 is a win for both teams
  2. If you want Konecny, Ghost and 11, the ask is Shaw and Drouin. That’s the roster bolster Chuck Fletcher is looking to make.
  3. There’s little if any chance MTL gets that much for Weber and a guy who found himself in Laval for Ghost, Konecny and 11. Alzner lost his spot to Brett Kulak. Could Kulak be the next Petry? Time will tell. Byron for Leddy is the deal I make.
  4. There's no way Don Sweeney trade his best LD to his arch rival straight up for Andrew Shaw. No way in hell.
  5. I think the whole size debate is a moot point. I think skill and hockey IQ are what any good GM should be after.
  6. You know, MTL passed up on really good prospect one draft year because the guy they were drafting had better size. The prospect they chose that year was Doug Wickenheiser. The prospect they passed up on was Denis Savard. Savard would post 75 points in 76 games in his rookie season. Wickenheiser would tally 15 points in 46 games that same year. To put this into perspective, Savard in his rookie season registered 22 more points than our highest scoring centre that season (Pierre Larouche 53 pts.). But hey, at least we got a guy with good size, right?
  7. This is why I keep preaching patience to people. We are only 1 season removed from our worst season in recent history.I still feel that we need to build a winner in Laval and let these kids (not all of our kids, but most) learn how to win at the AHL level and then allow that to translate into winning at the NHL level. We're 2 years away from an expansion draft again and it might be in our best interest to allow a good portion of our prospects to play down in Laval for those 2 years.
  8. I would lose my mind if MB trade Romanov. I'm tired of this team trading away promising young D-mean for 5th to 7th defenseman on anyone elses roster.
  9. https://www.thefourthperiod.com/jun-2019/islanders-shopping-leddy-hickey I've been asking for a deal to bring Nick Leddy to MTL for 2 years now. I think he'd be huge get for us and I'd be willing to ship Paul Byron straight up for him.
  10. I see that slightly different than you. I think we could still have someone help us now at 15. The guy I'm actually interested in at 15 is Brayden Tracey from the Moose Jaw Warriors. I honestly think Caufield gets snatched up by Chicago at No. 3. I also wouldn't mind an against the grain pick of maybe Spencer Knight at 15.
  11. IF through some bizarre gardening accident Caufield slides to 15, then yes, MB should jump all over that.
  12. To be truthful, we could afford to move a forward or 2 for a really good left handed shot. Even without signing Duchene who in no way resolves or issue on the back end. We can still afford to move guys to make room for our young guns.
  13. Oh sorry, my bad. I misunderstood. I'm not big on Matt Duchene either. All he really does for us is take up cap space and roster spots that could be way easier filled by any one of Nick Suzuki, Ryan Poehling or Jesperi Kotkaniemi.
  14. Actually, Domi is the first Habs forward period, since Thomas Plekanec back in 2009-2010 to post 70 points in a season - but other than putting up the highest point total any Hab has in almost a decade, you're right he sucks. He's just a Scott Gomez in Thomas Plekanecs turtle neck.
  15. I'm not totally sold that Hughes goes 1st overall though...