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  1. I would be shocked if Gardiner actually signs in MTL.
  2. I think people are too pessimistic going into this season. I think too much emphasis is put on big ticket names. You look at what TOR and EDM did last year with the big ticket names everybody claims we're missing from our line-up and it really wasn't all that much. Remember, the Stanley Cup goes to the best team. Not to the team with most high profile individual signed to the biggest contract.
  3. Anybody want to take a run at a Chris Kreider who put up 28 goals last year? I'd rather have him on our side than have him take another skates first run at Carey. Maybe a package of Peca, Hudon and a 5th?
  4. My issue is the same as it is with most trade scenarios. I would much rather be patient with the young guys we have (Seeing how we just got an elite sniper of the future potentially in Caufield) rather than subract futures for a short term solution.
  5. He could end up a Jeff Petry type for us but withe little more jam to his game. Jeff Petry was a late bloomer and didn’t start putting bigger numbers until his late 20’s early thirties.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MjSEGRAjXs His skating looks pretty good.
  7. I remember when MB first traded Weber for Subban, Button basically called Weber a beer league caliber defense-man. The biased rage based tyrant was awful at best. BTW he had us taking Lavoie at 15 for the longest time. Thankfully we went Caufield.
  8. Craig Button calls MB's offer sheet on Aho laughable.
  9. I honestly think MB goes after either Gardiner or Ben Hutton.
  10. I see what you’re saying. But it could very well be that MB is clearing out a roster spot for one of our younger guys, and clearing cap space to sign Domi to an extension. It could really be that simple.
  11. Why? Because moving Shaw is a deal breaker for whoever signs with us? Or because we didn’t land (insert 1 pairing d-mans name here) by using Shaw as bait? Last off season we would’ve been lucky to get a 6th round pick for Shaw. Now you’re telling me we were going to get a top pairing d for a guy whose only put up 1 good year for the CH? If we could’ve had a top pairing LD for him, the deal would’ve been done already. The truth is, Stan Bowman overpaid because he’s getting impatient with his rebuild.
  12. For once we have the depth to make a move like this and not have it hurt us. On top of that, our fearless leader 🤡 Marc Bergevin has finally 8 years in to his 5 year plan started building through the draft as promised. This the most promising the Hans future has ever looked.
  13. No star player at forward? Kotkaniemi, Poehling, Caufield, Suzuki...We’re far from hurting. As far as our answer at LD goes, the answer is Romanov. This was a smart move by Bergevin to sell high on Shaw and get multiple assets.
  14. 2 Rick Tocchet aka the Kessel whisperer.
  15. I honestly get the sense that maybe Bergevin feels Leskinen solves his LD problem.