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  1. I completely disagree I find he performed poorly defensively and I would be surprised if he gets a contract from anyone.
  2. False! The poster below me has been fishing in the ocean?
  3. To whoever is in charge of the threads. Keep who should be Habs Gm and coach,Habs rumours, If I were Gm and Nhl Entry Draft.
  4. Thanks that really help. If you know the number of posts it takes to go up each title.
  5. I have another question for you all. How does your members title and group status get changed. I just saw some guys were promoted who is in charge of all of this.
  6. I feel that a lot of people dont take my posts seriously but anyways check out my new thread Future players in the system in general. You can talk about you're favorite prospects and the ones you believe could make the team in the next few years.
  7. Cool! My little girl was part of a litter the owner didn't want when he hasn't able to sell her and two others, he shot one dead before her and her brother were saved. This man wasn't gotten charged or anything, Quebecs laws on animal cruelty are really loose.
  8. I've got two dogs one a 9 month old rotteweiler mix and a year and a half old lab mix. Both rescues the younger ones is very sad.
  9. I listen to a lot of Country music . The Band and The Killers are some other artists that I listen to.
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