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  1. Well I guess We'll HAVE TOO Give him leniency BECAUSE OF HIS INJURY.
  2. It could work but I would have Eller playing center and Gomez on the wing.
  3. I've got family that live right beside that beach; spend part of the summer there what a coincidence.
  4. Batman Dark knight rises: 8/10 Great movie full of suspense.
  5. I say good ridance to Bettman, he's caused three too many lockouts. He needs to go!
  6. I think that Nash and ST-Denis are more likely to get called up this year than the rookies. Maybe if injuries strike hard enough they'll get a chance.
  7. Pacioretty Didint get less money because he is an NA player it is because of his lack of play as well as a "hometown discount".
  8. Great signing, really cheap for what he brings To the team.
  9. I think I will be watching these guys all season because this season looks like a wash for the Canadiens. This is a lineup worth watching: Geoffrion-Leblanc- Palushaj Lefebvre- Dumont- Gallagher Holland-Nattinen- Quailed Avtsin- Bournival- Berger Schultz Nash- St- Denis Beaulieu - Tinordi Hagel- Ellis Pateryn- Dietz Desjardins- Delmas- Mayer
  10. Well i kinda did the last line as a to show the rest of our depth but I believe either Geoffrion or Palushaj will start with the big club.
  11. Looking at what we currently have and without any other moves(except signing PK) , this what the lineup should. Look like: Palushaj- Eller- Cole Pacman- DD- Bourque Gomez/ Armstrong - Pleks- Gionta Moen- White- Prust Geoffrion- Noke- Blunden Subban- Emelin Gorges- Markov Bouillon- Kaberle Diaz-Weber Price- Budaj This lineup spreads out our scoring and gives Eller a top 6 spot. Pleks is still in his defensive position with Gionta although the Plek line could be our first line, I didn't put an order specific for those lines. Palushaj gets a top 6 chance and DD gets to prove he is legit.
  12. You have all of it correct except that the first year will pay 4.35 million not .35million.
  13. That doesn't make any sense the first season is under league minimum.
  14. Well I've heard that MB is holding out until Carlson and Del Zotto sign with their respective teams. Well I've heard that MB is holding out until Carlson and Del Zotto sign with their respective teams.
  15. I am gonna beat you all at the winning game.
  16. I am focusing my attention to equestrian, soccer and swimming.
  17. I don't think Cole is somebody we have to worry about just yet. Maybe in another year or so we'll start to see a decrease in production.
  18. Well, well you are no match for my super speed!
  19. I agree, I hate the rumors surrounding Pk, he is here to stay although getting my hands on a top 6 winger would be nice.
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