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  1. Cool good info. The rule only applies for blogs not reliable sites.
  2. I posted a new thread And i would like to change the title to 2013 entry draft prospects. Can someonedo that for me ?
  3. As I said autocorrect didnt correct it, my friend said it was so I tried it.
  4. My autocorrect didn't correct it so it is!
  5. The games are over, I have won! AND NO IT IS NOT THE LOSER GAMES!
  6. Well he seems to be a decent but not sure he'll be able to crack our lineup with all of our defenseman with a lot of potential and our current veteran stars.
  7. I see him being a career AHLer, hoping he can split some time with Delmas and Desjardins in the starter's role.
  8. Well he seems to have better chances than Mayer hOpe he can be a solid back up for Desjardins.
  9. Mimes Pretty sure that's the spelling but might be wrong.
  10. I understand that they don't have losing mentality. I just don't see big enough changes to make us a playoff team.
  11. Well I think that this team has improved only in toughness no other improvements. I am ready to watch The Bulldogs while on 2013 Tank Watch. I don't mind since this is a very deep draft so we'll get great prospects! Wouldn't mind being a basement team with most teams believing their still in it making are guys worth more.
  12. Well like Thril said " You can go back to wherever you came from!!"
  13. I feel the same, I prefer a young homegrown guy who is almost a number 1 defenseman to a slightly older version of him.
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