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  1. Not sure but from what I understand he got 14 goals, 19 assists and 33 penalty minutes in 76 games.One of those undrafted guys that we turn into "decent" NHL players. One of our greatest success stories is the one of DD who is our first line center!
  2. Well I am smarter than Kinot, I got 16% without looking anything up!!
  3. Now that I see that Bergevin probably wont make anymore moves except for our RFAs. So I have made my lines accordingly. 1st line: Purely offensive (most Ozone starts) Pacman- DD- Cole 2nd line: An offensive and defensive line ( half Dzone/ half Ozone) Eller- Pleks-Gionta 3rd line: Grit Line with some offense( neutral zone starts) Bourque- Gomez- Armstrong 4th line: Grit line Prust- White/ Noke- Moen Spares: White/Noke, Geoffrion I put Gomez with Bourque and Armstrong as kind of Rebound line not taking away quality linemates from Pleks for this. With Gomez's" puck moving skills" hopefully they can provide secondary scoring.
  4. Its not your throne it's mine unless you're talking about your losers throne that you can enjoy!
  5. I don't see a better fit, I can see Eller playing there but wondering where Bourque would play. If we were to play Lars there he would have to be played there all season not switched back and forth.
  6. Well I am happy for you but be childlike in another thread.
  7. Really an emoticon? Thrill you're still really immature.
  8. That's what should be said to you! :lol:
  9. Meaning you won the quitting game, not this thread.
  10. With are without Gomez this lineup needs work but this how i see it being : Pacman- DD- Cole Bourque- Pleks - Gomez Armstrong - Eller - Gionta Moen- White/ Noks- Prust I think the first 3 lines are offensive lines mostly but Pleks line will have some defensive starts. If chemistry ends with that first line move Cole to the second.
  11. If I were Gm right now, I would stand pat. I would listen to offers but not do anything blockbuster. I would tell the coach to try to improve some players value. If at deadline we are out of contention( which I believe and hope we are) move a couple players namely Weber, Diaz, Kaberle and Bourque and possibly DD.
  12. Well then I'll have to call security to remove you!
  13. I noticed I was just about o ask for the new threads such as Tim Bozon, Coleberg and everyone else to be opened since I am not sure exactly how their done.
  14. Well I believe he has signed elsewhere so he is no longer ours.
  15. Someone needs to remove this thread because he has signed elsewhere.
  16. Well let's see if you can continue that!
  17. If I were to make a trade based on the current information this would be my trade: Pleks+Weber for (chi) Hmjarlson+ Saad+ McNeill I think that this could be done. Pleks is a great player for us but I think Eller can be a 2nd line center and needs the time now. I don't really want Hmjarlson because we have a lot defense prospects coming up soon and we do not need someone to hog a roster spot. If we knew only that Pleks was involved then this is what I would do: Pleks+ Weber for Saad+ Teravainen+ McNeill + a 2nd round 2013 If either of us needed to add more Chicago surrenders their 1st or we add a 3rd
  18. Meaning all of you, I know I've tried everything but they all keep returning!
  19. Same! Sure I do other stuff but this is where I am happiest so I'll win!
  20. I'm not sure whats wrong mine has been running a bit slower than usual lately too but not that long. I'm not a computer genius so I won't be any help.
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