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  1. Just stop calling a newbie because there are newer people than me!
  2. We signed some player called Kyle Hagel, he is a defender who got an AHL contract.
  3. Can someone explain to me how to put signatures after your post and design me one with our current stars: Pacman, P.K, Price, Gorges and then our future: Galchenyuk, Tinordi, Beaulieu and Gallagher below.
  4. Ewaks stop forgetting star wars stuff!
  5. Can you stop fighting, I'm trying to listen to my victory!
  6. Well I thought we could do it all together. I thought that since we all have different opinions, we could come up with a suggestion that has a lot of downfalls.
  7. I was thinking as group we'd roughly write it and then I would edit it while trying to keep it short.
  8. I had an idea that might be interesting to some. I think that using all of our ideas and opinions together and write a letter to Marc Bergevin. I would like to stay away from any crazy trade ideas or anything impractical. So post your ideas and help me write that email.
  9. False The poster below me has been trapped on a boat in a thunderstorm.
  10. I was, I didnt understand why we traded him for a guy who was bolting to the KHL anyways. I think he'll be a good backup for Carey.
  11. Well I don't think that your trip will ever be better than the alley ask TBHF123
  12. Help! Help! I need members to give me trustable rumour sources. I can't find any! Help!
  13. Are u two really flirting in a competition thread... Thrillzone!
  14. Well I Hope you guys enjoyed your battle because I am the victor.
  15. He was great for the Habs and i'll miss him but I think it is time for him to retire and follow a career in coaching and hockey administration.
  16. Well too bad because they'll pack you up and send you on your way.
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