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  1. Well thats good to know so you will leave the thread soon!
  2. Well maybe you just haven't gotten to know me yet.
  3. False The poster below me lives within a half an hour of a beach.
  4. No, I am the nicest person here! Ask ANYONE
  5. No not in this thread but I'll be glad in other threads!!
  6. Well maybe the next time you leave for a bit, I will give u that sort is welcome back!
  7. Salut tous le monde, je suis de retour!!!
  8. Well I hope there's room for you all cuz that's where you'll end up since I've won.
  9. I'd watch your mouth little boy, we wouldnt want anything to happen to you.
  10. Sorry but you all have to leave now, I won!!!
  11. Il y a des choses mais je veux dire une vacance.
  12. Rien me prépare pour les vacances d'été!
  13. Non tu ne vas pas!! :) C'est moi le gagnant de ce forum!!!
  14. Moi Aussi!!!! Je parles du français!!!!!
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