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  1. Dont think we need a #1 center , Galchenyuk will fill that role , we do however need a number 2 Center and 2-3 top 6 wingers , id much rather they look for those needs rather than blow the team up chasing a Tavares type player. Bring in some players like Grigorenko/Yakupov and see if any stick and try to make a move for a RNH type 2nd line center.
  2. Totally agree , especially on Grigorenko.
  3. Well the news isnt good as was expected , fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery , just delaying the inevitable jump to elite NHL center a little bit longer. Will be missed for sure but time to see if the other guys can step it up.
  4. I know this has been beaten to death but Yakupov sitting out again in STL how could you not at least make an offer , May work out and may not but the guys a health scratch and could prob be had for spare parts. Worth a shot if you ask me.
  5. I dont see us being able to sign Galchenyuk for 4.5 , id say 6 is lower than what he will get , im thinking 7 and maybe a bit more at 6 years plus. Radulov would be around 6 though i agree and id have no problem with them giving him 6 years plus also. We need to get the underproducing high cap hit players gone and spend the cap money on players that help win games , and extend Carey for whatever he wants lol.
  6. Well said , hes no longer getting top minutes and has given his all for the team , i agree he wont be resigned so lets take it for what it is , a 3rd or 4th line center who can step up when needed in the top 2 lines. He has played some great hockey for us over the years he has just been outplayed by the younger / more skilled Galchenyuk. The coach finally realized it and DD hasnt really had a place in the lineup since.
  7. Pacioretty needs to be on one of the top 2 lines , he has proven that he can score when put in a position to succeed. I love that Chucky and Radulov are clicking like they are and although Byron is looking good there id have to move him to the 2nd line with Gal and Plecs and slot Patches on the top line. 5 years of proving yourself as a top 5 goal scorer the guy should get more respect IMO.
  8. ^^^^ Agree with most of what you say except pitt and philly should be in the same division and the playoffs should stay at 16 teams(battle to get into the playoffs is almost as exciting as the playoffs themselves). I would like to see 1 vs 16 format though(only way we will ever get to see a mtl vs tor or bos stanley cup final)
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