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  1. I hope they give him his walking papers.
  2. You need toughness, period. Whether MTL jumps on the boat or lets the ship pass by once again, we'll see. But I hope PG has awakened from the idea that a team of speedy little guys are going to win us championships.
  3. There is a huge difference when a team is filled with guys who can fight. If you go into Boston, New York, Philly, WSH, etc.. and nail one of their star players, you will pay a price. If not that game, then the next. The other obvious thing is, these teams can run almost any team out of the building if they choose & especially if they are losing. Why do you think the NYRs grabbed John Scott? Why does Pitts have Big Mac? I'll agree that what we once knew as a goon, is now becoming obsolete. However make no mistake, the NHL is not going soft, the players being drafted will be like Lucic, Thornton, Rupp, Prust, Z. Kassian, Sestito (sp?), Rosehill etc... players who can play 10mins or more, can hit , fight, skate, & offer some scoring. People talk about getting a player like this for MTL, after we get out major players signed in the offseason. What major players? This team needs players like a Neil, Parros, Prust etc.. We already laid our egg with major players when we got Gionta, Gomez, Markov, Kaberle, Cole etc..
  4. I would think Staubitz might replace Moen. I don't see White going anywhere, and I would expect Schultz to also get a shot with the team next year over Blunden and or if Darche is vanished.
  5. No difference. How can you say that. A player who gets a "bad" penalty and costs us a game should not be based on who the player is, or how much time he plays. You can't let one guy slide while another gets punished, otherwise others in the locker room will take notice. As for the penalty itself, in alot of instances an instigator penalty can be justified just like a trip or hook. It all depends on the situation at hand. He should be. At the very least he showed he'll play with his heart on his sleeve, unlike alot of the current players.
  6. You see, I did not say a player would cost us a game. You made a reference to it. All I asked is WHY do people think a "fighter" would cost us a game. There is a difference As for the 2nd part of the discussion. Noted.
  7. Where did I say "how does a guy cost us games"? Where? All I said was that it seems people have the idea that a "guy who fights" will somehow cost the team a game(s). So what if he was to get an instagitor penalty? If it was done to protect one of our players, then I'm all for it. What happens if TK gets a tripping penalty? Or EC gets a hooking penalty? ...and we lose a game because of this? Would you still moan and complain? MTL needs toughness, whether it is Staubitz or someone else, this team needs it, and more than one player. The fact is, the team was soft and easily pushed around. Boston, NYR, Philly etc.. take advantage of this. With a Staubitz, White, Moen, hopefully Schultz.. this team will atleast have some character and grit, whether they lose or win, the fans can atleast be proud that the team is not a pushoever. For sure. Lets continue to have the softest team in the league. That will certainly help us get into the playoffs and beat a team(s) like Boston or Pitts. or Philly or NYR etc... Two things. One - what would have Subban done? Bite his ankles? Two - do you really want to see PK fighting? He is far more valuable on the ice, than off of it. I agree. MTL had good teams when they employed a Ewen, Roberge, Odelein, Nilan, Kordic, Maley, Stevenson, Murray etc...
  8. Why do people always think a "fighter" will cost us games. The regular players on this team cost us enough games themselves. A guy like Staubitz, who given 8-10mins of ice time can be very effective for this team. With himself and White and hopefully Moen, this team will finally have some character, after so many years of softness. I'd sign him for 2 years like DA said. Something like $700k should do the trick. Give him a chance to better himself here. Certainly I'd rather play him than SG or MB or MD.
  9. He's not bad at all. He can play the game. Just because he was claimed on re-entry waivers means zilch. Minnesota was already carrying a HW in Kassian. Staubitz had his role diminished from this. He is a useful player.
  10. Hmm. Although I have not been here very long, I had gotten the feeling that most people prefer these small, fast, scoring players. That "bit parts" like Moen etc.. are not worth much (although this is not what I am saying, you're saying). It just seems that people want a team of goal scorers, but that is never going to happen anymore. The NHL seems to be reverting back to a 70s style of hockey (no I do not mean bench brawls etc...) but players that can play, whether they are 4th or 1st line. Staubitz fits this mold. He may not get many goals if any, but what he does bring more than makes up for that. He has abit of talent, and this is exactly what this team needs. If they would not have dropped the ball by trading & signing so many players to long term contracts & overpaid ones, this team could have been so much better. BG really screwed this team over, and PG hasn't helped it much.
  11. I would not be surprised if MTL re-signed him for next year. Especially if they are going to let Moen walk. There is never more excitement than when a player has a fight. Everyone ripped GL, but when he fought, every single person in the Bell Centre was up on their feet. I don't get it, I suppose everyone around here likes a soft team.
  12. He is exactly what MTL needed. PG's best move so far this year . Paired up with White & Moen (if not moved) will be great to watch.
  13. Thank you all very much. Hopefully you all enjoy me coming in here and expressing myself maybe differently, but in the end wanting what I think we all do....another Stanley Cup.
  14. Exactly. Sign Fitzgerald to a contract. Bring him up. Give Henry another shot. It wouldn't hurt MTL at all, to add some size and grit to the backend.
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