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  1. Congrats Al's on your first place finish.....again. Now come on Riders!
  2. Well welcome long time lurker! Good to see you signed up!
  3. False & no where near as much as a Laff fan would be sick of losing. The poster below me has many pets.
  4. Yes true with the Captain. The poster below me is not enjoying school.
  5. LMAO laffs - losers
  6. Benny are you there in that uniform? The season has started. You can use the whole ice surface to play in.
  7. False if they play like tonight. The poster below me is putting this first game behined them.
  8. Here comes a 20 goal season Well maybe not!
  9. False & yes you killed it just kidding the poster below me will not be able to sleep tonight
  10. yeah still at least 82 games left
  11. well there goes my idea
  12. S.S.A. Morgan anyone the poster below me is beaubie man it took you like forever to reply
  13. ummm not today the poster below me is FH#10
  14. do cereal boxes count? should have seen what Captain Crunch did this morning! The poster below me is or has been in a band.
  15. false errr whose line is it anyway? the poster below me has been known to have a few drinks now & again wait that's me the poster below me is counting down the hours until the puck is dropped