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  1. Much appreciated I know it's a rather fine line but I think it could inspire some healthy debate and discussion and that's more less the spirit of the idea more then the gambling side but we shall see and I respect either decision the mods could make
  2. Hello this is a question for the mods I would love to have a thread started on proline or sport select a place where we could share our thoughts or picks for the evening with Luther forum members however I realize this may be an issue with some members being under age so maybe we could make it as like a predictions page for outcomes of the day ? Thanks for your time in considering it
  3. I guess it was the idea of him taking up our cap and playing for another team that bothered me but you guys have made some great points I was being a little harsh
  4. If I was our gm I would not buy out Gomez early there is no way I'm carrying his cap and allowing another team to have him play for them at a far reduced rate. I'm sorry mr Gomez I really like you but that's just not good for buisness unless I have Misunderstood something
  5. I actually read these things all the time I love you guys I remember I got hooked from the price vs halak battle
  6. Hey everyone just wanted to thank all the big posters as I'm working Croas country in Alberta and its helping keep me entertained and interested in my down time
  7. does anyone think crosby could have a target on his back playing in the KHL ?
  8. What would the fourm members rate habs players and prospects if we were designing nhl 13?
  9. Jun 22, 2012 5:04 AM in response to: sportsnet_ca Re: Grange on NHL: Chance for Canadian teams Take this into account. It is a very different story in Canada. Only one fifth of the NHL’s teams are Canadian, yet the country’s fans account for nearly one third of the league’s revenues. And a good chunk of those Canadian dollars end up in the US through revenue sharing, in what has effectively become an effort to subsidize Americans to watching Canada’s national sport. The primary beneficiaries of this scheme are American hockey team owners and a smattering of American fans attending game
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