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  1. We are leaking scoring chances. Hopefully the TV timeout settles it down.
  2. Big save Carey bailing out Drouin
  3. A passing pause in the action.
  4. Carolina scored 5 tonight and we scored 7, so hopefully a close low scoring game with Carey being the difference is what we get tomorrow. We are 1-4 against them in our last 5 meetings but have beaten them this year. Roll for lines and play tight. The good news is the PP seems to be working, but we need to stay out of penalty trouble. It nearly cost us tonight.
  5. Columbus has lost 5 in a row on the road. Having Price is the difference maker.
  6. Domi finally gets one of those empty netters. He had 4 last year no?
  7. Puffs are in it to win it. Where did they come from? They need to call off a little.
  8. We are so due on the PP. Come on boys we need one here It must be more than 10 or 15 PP since we've scored
  9. Not sure what was worse there. Anaheim's inability to clear thee zone or our inability to take advantage of it.
  10. we need to pick up the pace and get out of this period at 2-1
  11. Anaheim looked good against the Blues so we will need to be skating tonight. Hopefully we have a little left after last night.