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  1. I'd keep an eye on Milano (Columbus 1st round pick) and Greer (Colorado 2nd round pick). After their arrest yesterday they may be available for a sixth or seventh round pick. I think their home teams will be open to moving the players.
  2. Laine is an interesting topic. I wasn't impressed by his goal scoring drought this year as he appeared to be in quite a funk, and the fact he appears to be able to turn it back on when he wants but he is young. RFA OS can be used in a number of ways to make other teams struggle with signing their top prospects. I'm not sure we always need to target the best player on another team. I liked looking at Vrana and Tkachuk this year knowing both Washington and Calgary need to save some money to sign some top of the line UFA's next year. I still like going after Vrana as he wouldn't cost near as much in picks and Washington only has about $4 Million in cap space. it might be
  3. Not sure about Gosisbhere as a #1LD as his giveaways in his own end are pretty brutal. Andrighetto although a better player is similar to Hudon and I think he is being released. Perhaps Andrighetto should be someone we're looking at instead of Hudon. I agree with giving McCarron a look but could see him being traded or released if his injury has impacted him. Hudon is in a tough spot as it appears we have the prospects in place to take his job, Evans may get a good look this fall and Poehling should fill in for Shaw nicely. Signing Varrone, Weal and Thompson also doesn't help Hudon who's offensive skills are not really what we need on our 4th line. The competition for 3rd and 4th line positions will be fun to watch this year. Bergevin has done a good job at creating the depth we need.
  4. Chiarot is manageable at 3.5 and has a good shot. He is good on the PK and can always be traded for a pick down the road. Bergy needs to create some competition for jobs at LD and this will help. Probably an upgrade on Benn who is getting a little older so I don't really have a problem with this signing. I prefer staying away from Gardiner and his back and the term that he wants. Time will tell on that choice. Bergy has about 10 Million to sign Armia and Lehkonen. Perhaps he will sign a couple more. I prefer he uses some of it to offer a buyout on a contract for a pick or two.
  5. I agree. If it can help us get a Hamonic from Calgary or another player it si worth it.
  6. I like Tkachuk in Calgary or Vrana in Washington who need to sign Holtby and Backstrom nest year . Calgary does not have a lot of cap space and have a few signings including quite a few UFA d-men that need to get paid next year. If nothing else we could offer the same as for Aho and I think a 1st, 2nd and 3rd are worth either player.
  7. I agree they got as close as they needed for Aho to sign and saved another 1st round pick. I'm not sure Bergevin cares about Carolina's needs. See $21 million signing bonus to put them under the bus. Only time I've seen fans asking to pay a player more despite the player agreeing to lesser terms. If we lose Aho, hopefully he remembers the help we gave him in 5 years although the Canes will probably never let him be a UFA. Somehow these agreements appear to have a gray area and Bergevin appears to have found it by low balling the payment to reduce the compensation while maximizing the pain of the offer sheet by including such a huge signing bonus. I like it!
  8. McGuire giving very high praise on Struble and Harris during UFA discussion saying Struble will be a beast in the NHL. Only thing better than a Beast for McGuire is a Monster. Good assessment Pierre
  9. Bergy 5 years 42.2 mil for Aho. Not a bad deal doesn't cost us too much
  10. The Rags signing Panarin will put them in a bit of a crunch next year and may make Staal LD available to a trade although he has 2 years left and a no move. He would be a nice short term target.
  11. TSN saying Panarin is going to the Rangers.
  12. Due to his poor health over the last 2 years the Oil have now bought out Sekera so that would make him very cheap. Too bad cause he looked good when they got him.
  13. One year after getting Chunky the Coyotes scream no mas and want to lose weight. Yotes look like they were unwilling to pay a Chunky contract at the end of the year and would rather go with Kessel. It also gives the Pens a little more cap space. Pens need to resign Murray after this year so their cap issues may continue. May make it difficult to keep Chunky. Recent moves of two ex-Habs may be shedding light on Bergevin as a more than patient, tolerant GM as neither Nashville or Arizona could keep the players we had nurtured into such great talents Or not. Now the question is do we let Chunky get to a cup with the Pens before us?
  14. I wouldn't mind paying a little extra to lock him up until Primeau is ready in 2021. Mcelhinney is probably the most reliable and is likely interested in as long a term as possible. So if we need to agree with a longer term we need to ,make sure we can trade him down the road.
  15. I think Holland may be interested in Ward if he cannot find a way to sign Mrazek, as Ward is an Edmontonian. I would try to give goalies a little more money and less term knowing Primeau is in the future and I would target Mcelhinney, Korpisalo or Kinkaid. After the season Talbot had in Edmonton, it wouldn't hurt to look at him but he is likely looking to be a starter again and Calgary sis supposed to have him in their sights. If Bergevin waits to see what is left we may have a problem and need to trade for one.