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  1. Looking at the view outside the Bell Centre makes Edmonton feel like spring time tonight. GO HABS
  2. The boys look rested I thought we looked tired the last few games even though we were winning. Nice long break coming up. If we can take care of the Flyers for a change it would be nice. Great game tonight. Tatar continues to impress.
  3. Looks like it has all been said. Absolutely uncalled for by the league. 1 game max for that.
  4. Wow!!! Nothing to see here Antii
  5. Is it jut me or does Domi look like Jack Nicholson in the Shining
  6. Cheap shot on Gally should be interference
  7. Lehkonen snake bit on goals this year
  8. Very Strange great goal Reimer saves it unbelievable
  9. Danault maturing into a very good young player. Thank you Chicago