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  1. In that case we may all be off topic.
  2. If he can be a depth player and be a number 5 or 6 to start with that is a huge bonus for our depth chart. If he needs some time in Laval there is no harm in that either. I'm excited about the signing as it means the NHL is most likely where he wants to be although he is very young and things happen .So far this pick is trending in the right direction and I look forward to seeing him in a Hab's uniform. Being around Shea Weber and Jeff Petry won't hurt either. Kids like this can often put a little spark back in their teammates game. Will an Alzner buy out be coming soon?
  3. All the numbers are fudged. My guess is you need to add at least 50% of the total. They don't count what they don't test. The UK is only counting the people dying in the hospital.
  4. Well here it is the last week of April and we could still be in the hunt for a Cup depending on what they decide to do. I think the odds on that happening though are not good at all.
  5. Trump would have been better off talking about using Chuck Norris to beat the virus. At least that would make sense.
  6. Some good replays lately. Oil and Flyers Habs vs Flame and LA, but they need to show the Habs hoisting the cup a few times.
  7. Openning night of the playoffs tonight and it looks like the Habs aren't playing. That's the bad news. The good news is we're in the same boat as everybody else but with a higher draft pick an dno picks traded away for a playoff run. Unless they change the rules.
  8. I took your advice and I gotta say I'm having a hard time eating.
  9. Listening to talk about the cap coming down and how signing for more than 2 years may not be a good idea. Interesting times for teams with big payrolls and UFA's if we don not play the rest of the season.
  10. The gloves are all about what I've been doing Watched all 3 Gotti Ward fights off of youtube. Talk about boxing. Now i'm trying to find time for the movie "The Fighter" I think it was. Both those guys looked like the middle mask by the 3rd round in those fights
  11. Totally enjoyed that one. I think I recorded it to watch again. I always liked that McSorley, but didn't remember Desjardins with the hat trick. I am hearing today UFA's may taking a big pay cut as the cap might be coming down a wee bit. Could be interesting for teams with a lot of players locked in on high salaries. Now if they would play game 5 of that series it would be nice.
  12. Now I'm confused. Do you wash the lettuce before or after you wipe.
  13. Henri's passing had me thinking about the 60's and 70's I and wouldn't mind seeing some playoffs in July, although that appears doubtful. No winners this year is okay but I would have liked the chance to knock the Leafs out of the playoff race in the last game of the year. It does take some of the sting off a season full of injuries, and we did well at the trade deadline while not making any crazy trades. Teams who overpaid on players to pad their playoff run are likely not too happy.
  14. Not sure where else to put this or if it has been mentioned. Friedman supposedly mentioned a 12 team playoff with top teams perhaps getting a pass while the others (5th to 12th) play a 2 out of 3 series. In this instance the Habs would actually qualify. While I do not think this season will get back on track it was nice to think about it for a moment. I believe any restart would end up with games being played without the crowds. I give this idea about the same odds as we had of making the playoffs in the first place.
  15. Well I have a better understanding about the run on toilet paper as grown men across North America begin to cry at the loss of sports or perhaps it's all the extra time they will now have to devote to their significant others.