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  1. He was a turnover machine last night and I do not expect to see him in the line up today.
  2. After I wrote the comment you responded to I had to go check the game stats as I was sure we gave the puck away more than I may have ever seen before. The stats said 30, but it felt like 50. Any way you cut it it was ugly. We deserved the win as more often than not teams come in and play badly but still manage to beat us some how, so it was nice to see us get the ugly 2 points. We're due a few more wins like this although it would be nice to win because we're the better team on the ice, but that hasn't happened this month. Maybe the win against the OIlers fits that niche, but we are getting ou
  3. As much as I do not want to, I agree with the evaluation of Ducharme and may even put him at a D. I wonder how much the fact we have so many veterans in the line-up is influencing his decisions. Staal was brutal last night (based on last night and the turnovers he had on one shift I would put him below F if possible) and has tailed off significantly, and while I still have some faith in Weber to turn it around, it may be too late. My problem with Weber is his biggest asset is his shot and he has gone to the wrister too much. Defensively he has also stopped hitting Weber looked pretty effectiv
  4. That was one of the more awful performances of the year. The turnovers or giveaways that resulted in scoring chances or zone time for Calgary was crazy. Yet we get the first goal and they hit 3 posts ( 2 within a few seconds on the PP). Just when we appear to play a little better, a backhand shot from his knees goes in off Chiarot. It was great to see us pull off the win. I am beginning to worry a little about Ducharme as our play keeps diminishing. In the 2 games against Calgary we lost a lot of the face-offs in our zone and I am not sure if we're putting our best faceoff ma out there for th
  5. NIce comeback tonight. Big game from Byron, Staal Perry and Anderson. Tough to critique Bergevin's moves right now. As for Carey, he needs to stand up when it counts and his playoff performance will say a lot about how quickly Primeau becomes part of the solution. Amazing how bad we can look against the Sens and how good we can look tonight. Including Petry who had a nice bounce back game.
  6. And we have been getting a lot of chances of the draw this year. That is a pretty good number for Staal !!! It will be important to dominate the dot in the playoffs.
  7. Byron did a good job keeping up with McDavid in OT. Hope fully Staal finds his scoring touch. He is already worth the 5th round pick now if he can do that a little more this will be another steel for Bergevin. Anderson, Taffoli, Perry and now Staal may be just the thing this team needed. Who knew there was this much value waiting to be had.
  8. We appear to have our game back. Byron has looked good the last couple of games. Nice pass by Evans
  9. Habs lose to Sens would have to be an April fools joke. I like the fact we have a lot of games to play and the schedule we have left. We really need to start taking advantage of Ottawa and lock in a good spot so we can rest some players. The 4 top teams in the North a pretty much a lock. Lots of goals tonight!!!!!
  10. Calgary has been fighting and hitting since Sutter took over and I think we can out hit them too. If can keep the energy up we should do okay. Going to be a good game to watch.
  11. We look a little more relaxed and skating better ,
  12. Julien has had enough time to get this team figured out, but it appears he is the easiest problem to fix at the moment. I like Ducharme and he will not be able to do much worse. The trade deadline may be interesting if we continue to fall. Julien would have likely been let go at the end of last year had we not been given a playoff spot. It was definitely time to move on. It will be interesting to see what Muller decides to do,
  13. Hope fully Mete helps to get some offense going.
  14. In mountain time beats watching a Saturday morning cartoon after breakfast unless we become the cartoon, but I think we have a good record on Super Bowl wekeends
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