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  1. Time to turn this one around.
  2. So how are we getting Shaw off this line? Looking good
  3. What a joke. Bad goal,
  4. We need to get a lot of shots on Koskinen.
  5. Yeah I've gone for the last 5 or 6 years or so but this year didn't want to pay the extra as the seats were pretty much gone. Hope fully you don't have to take too much grief from the Oiler fans. I remember a couple of years ago we were up a few early and enjoying ourselves before the Oil figured it out and their fans had a lot of fun at our expense. Always a great atmosphere in Edmonton. Enjoy
  6. Simply no. we would have a huge hole to fill. The Finns will do fine without him.
  7. The side effects of this are that Carey goes a little crazier, and loses a little more confidence. but we seem to be able to compensate a little this year with the improved offense. Nilan made a good pint the other day. Wait did I just say that? He blamed the defense and the new fast paced system for leaving Carey blowing in the wind but had the attitude that things will settle down after 40 games as the players adjust. The fans on the other hand will be lucky to give Carey 2 more games and there in lies a bigger problem. With all the disorganised zone coverages and 2 on 1's we have given up lately I have a hard time faulting Carey too much. If he can get himself a Grant Fuhr hat it may help as not since the Oilers have I seen a team give up so many odd man rushes.
  8. I think Mete and Juulsen need some nights off because of their youth and to get their game back from time to time. Benn is clearly getting exposed more against the oppositions top lines and he may be the best person in a bad situation. We need to get Weber back as it doesn't appear any of the prospects in Laval are quite ready yet.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, but it may take someone better than Scherbak to get Puljujarvi.(Alzner) I think the Oil have mismanaged him (like some think we have done with Scherbak) These gugys need to play big minutes in the minors if they are ever to get their confidence back. Scherbak appears to take too many nights off.
  10. On Sunday I like Florida (Ottawa can't win both in the sunshine state Washington, Winnipeg and Boston
  12. Okay that wasn't funny
  13. PP. I don't believe it.
  14. I know I;d sure be a little more relaxed while I was watching. Could probably stop taking all this medication while the game is on.