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  1. If nothing else these signing are going to build healthy competition within the organisation. No prospect or veteran for that matter deserves a walk on try out if we want to get better, These signing also provide opportunity to collect more draft picks or prospects through trade. If Weal is potentially even another Byron that is good asset acquisition and keeps us away from continuously looking to fill needs within the organisation through UFA signings.With the concussion injuries to Shaw and Byron we can use this. After this draft our organisational depth should continue to improve and this was not the case when Bergevin arrived. I too agree that we appear to have some valuable prospects with the potential to join the big club, the organisation needs to have players in place in case of injuries or under performance. JK for one is not guaranteed a great season next year as he has been through the league now and teams will adjust to him. Being 19 in the NHL will still be challenging. I like the addition of these assets, as they bring depth, provide trade deadline assets and would like to see Weal develop into at least another Byron
  2. Folin's contract may spell the end for Oullet, Reilly, and possibly Oloffson as we make room for some prospects. Benn is more likely to receive a better offer from someone else and in my mind he would be good to keep around in case some of our more experienced players get hurt. I'm not sure we have any confirmation on Juulsen for next year at this point. I am not very impressed by the defencemen in free agency, and think Bergevin may need to hope we can land a gem with 8 picks out of the first 140 player or his usual signing of a prospect or two from overseas. I wouldn't mind seeing Kuhnackl or Zuccarello in a Habs jersey but am not sure we will be bale to offer the term they are looking for.
  3. Adding Duchene and Dzingel allowed Columbus to move second and third liners like Foligno to the fourth line. If Columbus could sign their UFA's they could be tough to beat and this may be the argument their GM uses in attempting to resign them. They are going to be well rested for their next series. I think Cooper needs to wear this as this wasn't a 7 game series loss it was a sweep. He will be on a short leash next year. Worlds collided in that series and Columbus looks like the real deal right now.
  4. Double crap. Bad goal for Rask
  5. Stamkos said the Blue Jackets did a great job scouting their tendencies and are well prepared. Seems to be unhappy with his teams preparation
  6. He's may be described as a shallow person who carries a bad stench about him.
  7. I would pick Trump because he could get Stormy...... I mean the weather might get bad yeah yeah thats what I mean. He might bring along some flirtation devices. I mean flotation
  8. Agree. I think Price needs about 60 games. With Primeau in Laval next year he may be ready to join the big club for 2020 or 2021. I think Bergy will create some competition in the off season by going after a UFA perhaps Ward or Halak to compete with Lindgren. Lindgren could end up sharing the load with Primeau in Laval next season. My only concern is we overpay ala Alzner, but I think this is less likely with a goaltender.
  9. If Primeau starrts his pro career like Poehling has we're going to see some talent on the ice.
  10. Poehling needs to be first in the shootout
  11. What a Night for Poehling and great way to end the season. Nice story!!!
  12. Would have been nice to watch this team play a little longer, but no way I can complain about this season, I think Poehling is reserving his spot on the bench for next year. It will be interesting to see whose seat he takes. Wow. Looks like a 7-6 final tonight
  13. Need gpa; here
  14. Yep