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  1. I have no problems with this perspective. Evans was a player that provided a spark for this team all year. His speed and his smarts create a lot of opportunitis much like Byron, although he is a much better version of Byron as a play maker and brings a lot of skill with his games. He was easily one of our best forwards when he was not wobbled by a dirty hit, It would be great to see him have a long injury free career after suffering the concussions he has. Truly a gem amongst the forwards on this team and hopefully still growing into his game a little.
  2. I think Jonathan knows what is going on and we are the ones creating the drama. He is entitled to his privacy as are all of us. Hope fully he comes back and has a great year so we can create a new and improved drama. The media always needs something to talk about. It appears to be the nature of the business.
  3. I totally agree with the posts regarding risk. We may have paid 3 or 4 million to continue the evaluation for another year or two, but Bergevin and KK would have been under pressure to show results. At 6 million we reach a point where the cost becomes inhibitive and there are better places to spend your money. I wouldn't mind being a car salesman in Carolina. If Mr. Waddell's dealership is watching they may have a special offer for him. Yes we' ll take your trade in and sure it looks like a $20 000 volkswagen but there is no need to test drive, your right it's a Lamborghini.
  4. While Dvorak did have more TOI last year his PP time and 5 on 5 time actually dropped compared to the year before as 12% of that time came on the PK and his time on the PP dropped by 25% from the year before.. So the Yotes obviously saw his value on the PK and adjusted his time accordingly. This is most likely due to his faceoff skills. While we are always looking for players to fill the PK and may need him to be a part of a PK pairing until Byron gets back. I see this as another positive. We already have Lehkonen, Armia, Suzuki, Toffoli, Caufield and Evans in those roles. Despite the significant increase of time on the PK he had his highest ppg 0.55. So it looks like he is taking on more responsibility and still improving his scoring. I would suggest that is very good.
  5. So you would say it is more a lack of aggression in his game and I can agree with that as the sport is made to be intimidating. Where I see the IQ lacking is on the ppor decision making like many before him. Being the last man back and trying to make that extra move (perhaps it is an overconfidence in his ability) I would argue that x's and o's smart is not the same as the on ice IQ when making the right play. How I tend to assess that is by how often given the same situation on the ice and same possibilites a player continues to make a poor choice. For me Galchenyuk is the quickest and easiest example for this. Some learn with experience and others not so much. With all the statistical analysis going on these days I am sure we are not too far away from correlations between certain stats and hockey IQ being quantiified and used in drafting. Putting some players in duress during the course of a game and identifying their tendencies cannot be to hard to do, Some players appear to have a much harder time consistently making good choices and with skill or speed of the game improving each year more and more players get exposed. The one thing I will say is I thought Drouin had made some signifcant adjustment to his game and looked much better before hurting his wrist. If he can find that form again this year he will be a very valuable player. I had wanted Montreal to trade for him at the time and still think he has the skill to even out the Sergachev. move
  6. Interesting conversation on the draft. All I can say is the year we drafted Galchenyuk the OIlers took Yakupov first overall and he is nowhere to be seen. I think the NHL and the media create an environment of false expectations. The draft has been turned into the centre of the offseason and pumped as the crown of the offseason. BUt unfortunately that doesn't mean it automatically becomes an exact science. Despite teams having more scouts and resources it is still quite a bit of a crap shoot. While millions are spent on research the problem is the people being drafted are still eighteen year old kids. See this years pick if you need more evidence. In the past we have looked at skill (see Galchenyuk) over hockey IQ which is tough to assess and it has created problems. I think Drouin to some extent is another example of a player with tons of skill, but needs to develop his hockey IQ. Evaluating 18 year olds is far from a perfect science but I think Bergevin has begun to look at hockey IQ as a more important attribute and this will result in better picks. Evidence of this would be the drafting or acquisition of players like Armia, Byron, Evans, Danault and more recently Caufield and Toffoli. When I look at the list of failed picks including Beaulieu, Tinordi and Scherbek I think it has been a combination of things that have cause them to be less effective. Part of that is the constant changing of the league into a more skilled and speed game where players have less time to make quick decisions and mistakes become more costly. I try not to take the draft too seriously as there are other opportunities to acquire talent as both Carolina and Montreal did today, but I also agree that it would be nice if w can make a more exact science. The two teams with the most top picks are still trying to find their way. The Oilers can't make it out of the first round and Buffalo........... enough said. We will soon see how the years of futility impact the Sens as well. If the Sabres and Sens can continue to struggle with their picks I won't be complaining.
  7. It will be interesting to hear what Bergevin has to say about this, but it appears he made the best of a bad situation. Signing KK you 6.1 million was not really an option if you consider he would have set a precedent for future contracts that would have broke the bank. Of the 3 teams involved in the deals today I think the Canadians walked away with the best result. We get Dvorak for 4.5 mil per year for 4 years and a third round pick to add to our boat load of picks at this years draft. Going into this season it would appear we have a player showing more potential than KK at this time for 25% less of his salary and will be able to keep our salary structure in tact, Carolina is paying 6.1 mil this year and next if they choose to resign him for a player that has promise, but who only scored 5 goals in the regular season and was in the minors the year before, There is a lot of risk here and they are going to face some cap issues soon if they are not careful. Finally Arizona gets a first round pick this year and a 2nd rounder in 2024. Arizona may or may not end up with NHL players in a couple of years when they are more likely playing in Houston (Quebec would have been nice) as their days in Arizona appear to be numbered. We still retain our picks this year and in effect add a third on top of Dvorak while Carolina is out a 1st rounder, a 3rd rounder and 6.1 million dollars for KK (Pretty expensive if you ask me) . They may have gotten the player they wanted but it remains to be seen if they got the best player in the deal. I believe it was Sam Pollack who said the team that wins the trade is the team that gets the best player. Only time will tell how this works out over the years, but for today I think Bergevin walked away with a huge win. I liked KK but he clearly had some issues with what was happening here and had some prolonged slumps. Dvorak is a very good centre who should only get better playing with the talented forwards we have. I think we have improved our forwards on a team that went to the cup finals last year. For me the biggest question will be our defense. I am looking forward to the season and believe KK returns to Montreal October 21st. It should be a fun night.
  8. Drouin appears to have secured the number two centre spot and I hope he comes back and takes it. Suzuki, Drouin and Evans look like the top 3 but it would not hurt to have a little insurance.
  9. Not sure I like this one. Hoffman has been a little overrated in my mind, but he may be a good fit for some of the speedy forwards we currently have.
  10. Hoffman 3 years 4.5 million.
  11. Molson has apparently been given a spanking by some of the team sponsors as he made a statement acknowledging Mailloux will not attend rookie camp and has not yet earned the right to play in the NHL according to TSN Vancouver. This probably means MB will get a talking to unless we are witnessing window dressing to appease some of the sponsors and save some advertising. Clearly nothing is done in a bubble and while I don't really have a problem with giving a kid a chance they appear to have underestimated the blow back on the organization.
  12. Evans can become a number two ahead JK if necessary the worry there is his concussion history. It would have been nice to add a little more depth up the middle, but that is why we have a team in Laval. The goaltending is hopefully a little better if Price's surgery is a success. If Kulak can develop a little more skill and nastiness in his own end the backend should be okay. We were pretty successful with Weber rarely using his big shot last year. Savard looked good a couple of years ago, but his TOI has been about 20 minutes a night compared to Weber's 24. Some of that is Weber's usage on the PP. SO Burrows will have to work some magic on the PP. If we can have a surprise or two out of training camp it will be interesting. Tampa has lost some pieces, the Leafs look a little weaker losing Hyman and Andersen (and their the Leafs), and the Bruins have lost some depth as well. So I think we have comparatively improved our place in the standings within the division.
  13. Savard signing may mean Petry plays fulltime on #1 PP and #2 PP has a combination of Romanov/Kulak or another dman. May make for some exciting hockey.
  14. Very reasonable signing. I can live with this. Bergy still has some money to shop with.
  15. Jones has been a bit of a Holtby lately. Philly looks like they have lost some confidence in Hart. This may becomme a bit of nightmare for the Flyers.
  16. Ethan Bear off to Carolina after resigning Martinez and Barrie. Not sure what is coming back for the Oilers.
  17. I have no problem exercising their right to get more value or opportunity somewhere else. We will soon see if Bergevin undervalued him by how we compete this season. Montreal can be a very tough place to play for a lot of players. The Oilers signing Martinez, Barrie and Hyman will definitely make them better. They have quite a few wholes to fill and will now have 4 legitimate top 4 forwards, nut have quite a few places on the third and 4th line to upgrade.
  18. Agreed. If healthy can easily be a 20 goal man. He plays smart, creates a lot of space for his line mates and is excellent on the PK creating scoring chances. Well worth the price but the term may be a year too long. Either way a player we needed to sign.
  19. PP but not sure why ref blew it dead when we have the puck.
  20. Lets do it again tonight. I'd like to see the boys get hitting early. Tampa is a great team but their due for a lttle stormy weather. Go Habs Go!1
  21. Somehow reminds me of playing like Frank Zappa
  22. Tampa looking a little banged up. We appear to have picked up our game.
  23. We've been shooting way to hard on this Guy!!!!!!
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