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  1. We look a little more relaxed and skating better ,
  2. Julien has had enough time to get this team figured out, but it appears he is the easiest problem to fix at the moment. I like Ducharme and he will not be able to do much worse. The trade deadline may be interesting if we continue to fall. Julien would have likely been let go at the end of last year had we not been given a playoff spot. It was definitely time to move on. It will be interesting to see what Muller decides to do,
  3. Hope fully Mete helps to get some offense going.
  4. In mountain time beats watching a Saturday morning cartoon after breakfast unless we become the cartoon, but I think we have a good record on Super Bowl wekeends
  5. The yelling at the TV hasn't worked for me. Perhaps Romanov can wake up these corpses on skates
  6. What is building a list of reasons why a loss tonight may not be Kinot's fault? Reason 2: What is See Blue pajamas?
  7. Time to take off the pajamas and put a real jersey on. This looks bad and is bad. Sleepwalking through that period.
  8. Blue uniforms? I am not sure we have ever done these. I may think I'm watching the Rags after a while.
  9. We would definitely need to clear cap space so whether we traded Allen and a starting D man or Danault or Armia and some youth this deal would require some moving parts and do to the diminishing return on Crosby as he ages I am not sure it would be worth disrepair it would cause to our current line-up
  10. It has been agreat stat and fun to watch so far. No reason to stop now. Go HABS GO!
  11. I wonder what the record is for shorties in a year ? Not quite at the NHL record of 28, but getting impressive. We may be on pace for 45-50
  12. Holtby is going to have nightmares about that one, but I'll take it.
  13. Nice start. Suzuki looks good and is only going to get better.
  14. Bergevin's big signings appear to be panning out well. The man with the Midas touch. Teams are going to have a hard time stopping the four lines we can roll with. It will be interesting to see what Perry can do tonight as I believe he is in for Armia. Toffoli may be on pace for career highs in a shortened season
  15. Perhaps a bit of a forward looking salary dump for Winnipeg but in the end I really don't see any winners here although Columbus will enjoy this for a while. Winnipeg appears to have overpaid but they do get Dubois for the extra year. I am not sure Dubois will stay one day longer in Winnipeg than he has to and Bergevin's best move may be to wait for a more Hab friendly deal down the road when the Jets figure out he doesn't want to play there either (especially if he continues to pout and play like he has at the start here). Columbus GM Dr. K has given himself a great shot at signing a fellow
  16. Better get another bunch the way the Nucks are playing defence
  17. Bang bang we shot them down. Go Habs Go!! Taffoli must be getting tired
  18. He's not quite as popular amongst Canuck fans as the veggie is with the vegans
  19. The PK is starting to make our 5 on 5 look bad
  20. The refs are driving me a little crazy with some of the calls last night and tonight, Kulak definitley put out a slash but the hook on Drouin the Edmunsen call and a few of the calls last night are hard to see. I know there was one in the Leaf game too. I don't mind calls but these are not helping either team nor the game. Ahhh I feel better already. Taffoli needs an oxygen pack so we can play him more against these nucks!!
  21. Holtby clearly tripped him not sure what the refs are calling this year.
  22. Carey not fooled by the flash. Peterson needs to come up with a better plan.
  23. Commercial break let Van keep top line out there. Ugly
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