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  1. Perhaps a bit of a forward looking salary dump for Winnipeg but in the end I really don't see any winners here although Columbus will enjoy this for a while. Winnipeg appears to have overpaid but they do get Dubois for the extra year. I am not sure Dubois will stay one day longer in Winnipeg than he has to and Bergevin's best move may be to wait for a more Hab friendly deal down the road when the Jets figure out he doesn't want to play there either (especially if he continues to pout and play like he has at the start here). Columbus GM Dr. K has given himself a great shot at signing a fellow
  2. Better get another bunch the way the Nucks are playing defence
  3. Bang bang we shot them down. Go Habs Go!! Taffoli must be getting tired
  4. He's not quite as popular amongst Canuck fans as the veggie is with the vegans
  5. The PK is starting to make our 5 on 5 look bad
  6. The refs are driving me a little crazy with some of the calls last night and tonight, Kulak definitley put out a slash but the hook on Drouin the Edmunsen call and a few of the calls last night are hard to see. I know there was one in the Leaf game too. I don't mind calls but these are not helping either team nor the game. Ahhh I feel better already. Taffoli needs an oxygen pack so we can play him more against these nucks!!
  7. Holtby clearly tripped him not sure what the refs are calling this year.
  8. Carey not fooled by the flash. Peterson needs to come up with a better plan.
  9. Commercial break let Van keep top line out there. Ugly
  10. The PP is working at 40% and our PK was 20% against the Oil outscoring them 2-0. Nucks better hope we don't get a penalty or a PP.
  11. That was not fun, but I love all the pairing on our PK. They look solid.
  12. The fact he has scored in only his 3rd game and now has 2 points is also nice. Romanov looking like a gem so far.
  13. I'm quite impressed with the starting line-up. It is going to be a long physical season for opposition forwards in front of our net and the forward lines will be as good as the two kids and Drouin make them. Hopefully Drouin has the same start as last year without the broken wrist. If Kotkoniemi and Suzuki play like they did in the playoffs this fall we should be okay. Toffoli and Anderson are the wild cards but there is no reason to believe they won't excel. Our 4th line with Byron Evans and Lehkonen looks great. All three should do great on the PK as well. Time to drop the puck!!
  14. Those bananas, ah goin ...... bananas? That sure doesn't look like two meters need some masks, I'll take that as a 4-0 prediction. Happy New Year all!! It's a fandemic!! Time to help those Leafs find the cellar.
  15. Ottawa signing Galchenyuk should help our goal production against the Sens.
  16. You must be suffering from the Weaver, Gill, Gomez, Kaberle, Ott not to have signed the Bourque, Bouillion, Briere and Semin syndrome. If only we could Niemi the Streit all these 30 plus signings ended up on. Most were living over the hill but a few had some nostalgia. So your saying you don't want Marleau to break Howe's GP record as a Hab. I'm good with that given the history of some of the other signings and the fact we finally appear to have put together a real hockey team.
  17. Say it ain't so Joe. Leafs looking for leadership? Spent 40 Mil on scoring but have no voice in room? So they get big slow Joe! The kids are alright......apparently Dubas and the Leafs got fooled again and the beat goes on. They are clearly determined to remain the traditional Leafs of the past. Playoff team? I don't think this is going to end well. My guess is the Sabres with Hall will replace the Leafs in the standings for the final playoff spot in the east. I am not sure how this signing sends any sort of positive message to the team, They have 8 UFA's to sign at the end of the year includi
  18. I thought Drouin had turned it around and then he broke his arm-wrist and didn't seem to have it going in the playoffs. It is definitely too early to decide on him unless somebody makes an offer we can't refuse. With Domi gone it may help motivate him to get his game going. Domi's floating through the season clearly didn't help his cause.
  19. I did not like the extension when I first heard about it, but believe this is low risk as Allen should still get us a good return if we need to shed salary or find out Primeau is ready in a year or so. These moves will put up against the cap and create good strong competition for playing time. Bergevin has put this team together well. Now it's time for the players to do their part.
  20. Guhle!! Just in time for Halloween. I like the pick Petry and Weber may not be rushing the puck by the time this kid is ready
  21. Some good defencemen here for Bergy. Does he still go with a forward after getting Anderson?
  22. Domi gone for Anderson. Like the deal
  23. Didn't really get any breaks this series. The team played very well and the kids look great. I hope we see the Flyers again in next years playoffs.
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