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  1. GO HABS GO!!! It got a little quiet in here. I thought the first 2 periods were pretty exciting and now for the attempted lock down
  2. Linesman made a great defensive play for the Flyers breaking up that pass for a 2 on 1
  3. So is this 92 guy new or what? I don't recall seeing much of that before
  4. Though down 2-1 we had a good period and if we keep playing like that 5 might work.
  5. O'Neill on the radio in Edmonton said he cannot figure out how Kadri got 5 games and Niskanen only 1 game. He noted that when you hear a player has been crosschecked in the the face and suffered a broken jaw you should be starting with 4 games and going up from there. Parros may need to develop a better system for ranking and rating these hits. The NHLPA should also be worried about player safety of these actions are seen as negligible, The true ruler of player safety may need to step in again. I think the players insurance companies played a significant role in having slashing penalties
  6. I think the Debrusk hit is very comparable and am wondering if the NHL is still showing other videos of incidents like they did a couple of years ago to justify their decisions because if they do not have a scale for infractions than the arbitrary nature of their calls opens the league up for significant criticism as seen here. I was also laughing about the evidence with the Price incident and how you can possibly get your stick stuck in an opposition players collar without a high stick, spearing, or hooking penalty getting called. Price's reaction was priceless and he clearly looked like some
  7. His problem is in bursting their bubble. Once you have burst the NHL bubble you are very unpopular and they will not let you back in until they are over it. (a week or so I think). I'm an optimist with a very pessimistic perspective on this I guess, not trying to burst any more bubbles.
  8. NHL is sending a message to all the small players in the league. You're fair game now. The big boys can take you out and complain your too small. I guess the big boys aren't responsible for their stick if your under 6 when they hit you. Insane reasoning. Stick hits face should be the same no matter what you stature. May take a while for the NHL to figure this rule thing out.
  9. I agree the game is more important so it would be in the Flyers interest to keep it close although Burke and some others on Sportsnet believe Niskanen will at least be done for the series if Gallagher is done and Gallagher is definitely done for the series.
  10. Price, Pacioretty, Eller and now Gallagher joins the list of injuries resulting from some seriously dangerous plays. Given the results from the past Gallagher will receive a card for an apology and Niskanen will be in the line-up tomorrow. Why do I think about NIlan, Bouchard, Robinson and a few others at this time. Philadelphia needs to get a message from somebody and if Niskanen is playing the rest of this series Weber as captain or somebody else needs to let this Flyer team that there will be consequences. Kreider, Gudas and Chara never got the notice and I hope the team can make it right p
  11. Live ot fight another day. Or perhaps now
  12. Agreed you don't want to be on the hook for this one.
  13. If Drouin keeps doing that back pass eventually...........
  14. I think I found a new line!!!!! WOW!!!!
  15. Lehky's turn to feel shame. Let's kill it off or perhaps get another.
  16. Konecny finally gets a little help with breaking his stick
  17. One of those bananas was apparently rotten.
  18. A character builder tonight. Picking it up for Kotkoniemi
  19. No intent there. That's a little much
  20. I would like to disagree but the players you have mentioned keep proving you right. Domi looks like Drouin with the passes to nowhere and the turnovers..
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