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  1. GO HABS GO!!!! I mean it really!! We need to go. Gallagher loks not right in the warm up.
  2. I think your right! He's been invisible for most of the series. Great Prediction!!
  3. Is that truly possible?I'm pretty sure it would be Kinot's fault before that is true
  4. It will be interesting to hear how Gallagher is doing. He is still getting some chances, but clearly hasn't been his pesky self. Hard to blame him for any point reduction the last two games as the whole team has been held off the scoresheet. Things we need to correct for today are getting more shots toward the net and improving the PP. We have watched good teams take our point shots away ( mostly Weber's) for a while and yet the last two games we are getting numerous chances to shoot or walk in and shoot and have only done so in the third period of the last game. With Weber's shot he is incre
  5. We need to keep blasting from the point and Shea has started to but he needs to take another shot there. Put some fear into the Flyers!!
  6. Chiarot playing more like a Juicy Fruit than a Trident today. Byron and Coututrier apparently need bigger nets. Unebelievable to see 2 guys miss the nest from that close in the same game although Byron looked like his tap in was tipped..
  7. Need to stop backing in and stand up at the line a little more. The defense started backing in last game and it was getting a little scary. Not a good time to develop bad habits
  8. Weber had a chance to walk in and blast it before the time out and passed it to the corner. HE NEEDS TO SHOOT
  9. Good point. I wish I would have thought of this sooner
  10. JC!! JD needs to score there. More gifts please
  11. PP. Bad penalyy by Konecny. Lets see if he can get mad and break that stick tonight
  12. THompson barely gets touched and that's 4 minutes. He almost missed him
  13. Probably safer for Rask to cross and disappoint 20 teammates than a pregnant woman (more dangerous than a Marchand) or the lady that is making your family for the rest of your life. Hockey is still just a sport that has had to be regulated from a virus and put a lot of people in a difficult situation. I was reading some where that many players plan their families around the hockey season (give birth in July or August) Hard to blame him for that, unless you're a fan as we tend to see the sport and the player differently. I can imagine some of the communication he has had with his wife has been
  14. Too much too soon!! Pasta will bring on that snooze
  15. PP still looking for the second goal on the PP
  16. Goalie change. Are we getting into Hart's head?
  17. What does it tell you about that team when he cannot break the stick after 3 tries. Not much strength in that team today
  18. I guess we don't want to ride off peacefully into the sunset. Let's take some more penalties. Enough is enough boys!!
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