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  1. Good to see how effective this line-up can be when we 're skating. Creating a lot of confusion in the offensive zone. Now if we could just shoot a little more accurately.
  2. OOO I think I picked two PP goals can I get it in the first?
  3. PP. It's really to much!!. Carey must be checkin his Facebook status. Not a lot going on. Zamboni will just have to clean one end of the ice.
  4. TOMAS TATARRRRR is alive and well. Byron had a great shift to set the tone. Boys are jumping today
  5. All the best to Claude. It may be time for him to decide how much longer he wants to coach or it may force Bergevin to make a change sooner than he would like. Luckily we appear to have an excellent group of coaches to give us a chance. Get well Claude I'm sure the boys will be playing with an added edge tomorrow.
  6. Until we meet again. We played well and I look forward to a different result next game.
  7. If That's slashing he needed to hit him a little harder.
  8. They say our chance was about 1% when the league shut down. It was obviously a really strong 1% as we have found a way\
  9. Beware the Habs game if yesterday is any indicator. I would hate having to change my pre-game routine.
  10. Excellent point about competing with the US sports machine. Upon reflection I think we are in an excellent situation to grow our game as the NCAA continues to cancel events and leagues like the NFL come closer to making some tough choices. The NHL may benefit from a lack of other sports with our only current competition coming from the NBA. It will be interesting to look at the television ratings for the US (Canada too) in comparison to other normal playoff years. I would expect that ratings for games not involving Canadian teams to go up in Canada and the ratings for Canadian teams to be high
  11. Canes have Hamilton back in the line-up. Should be a big boost for their backend and he'll definitely be motivated to do damage to his former team.
  12. Hoping the Canes and Caps games do not go to overtime and bump us tomorrow.
  13. Dallas VS Calgary may end before this Tampa game and the Bruins are bumped until at least 7 PM now
  14. NHL was clearly trying to make the best of a bad situation and the seeding round at least saved them from further embarrassment. They have responded to concerns about the draft with good intentions since the Oilers started to collect first overalls like playing cards and it would appear no system is fool proof when you include chance. Remember there was les than a 3% chance to go down this rabbit hole in the first place. The Rags selection made this a little more palatable. Had the Oil, Leafs or Pens won this would not be a very calm reflection. Barring an injury or other unforeseen circumstan
  15. Rangers is okay with me. They still need a lot of work and perhaps they might want to trade him.
  16. I have the same sentiment as most with the Leafs, Pens and Oilers the 3 teams I do not want to see him got to. I would prefer Minnesota or Winnipeg and am not usre Florida wouldn't somehow mess this pick up if they got him.
  17. Habs in Leafs out is a pretty good place to be. Looks like our youth will get some valuable playoff experience. Hoping for Tampa as Philly has had our number lately.
  18. Domi needs to watch Drouin control the puck inside the zone. Domi needs to stop the quick blind passes especially when he isn't pressured. Starting to get some pressure and scoring chances,
  19. Send him off to his vacation. What better gift than that.
  20. I am in the anybody but the Flyers mode as they seem to be our toughest opponent these days. We have good results against Tampa, Boston or Washington. We can still improve our skating which is a huge asset. Hopefully Pitt doesn't get Lafreniere either if we knock them out. I am not sure how final any of these changes are but given some of our youth have grown by almost a full year since the start of the season Julien appears to be ready to trust them a little more. We have an abundance of average to above average talent but have not really developed any superstars. Some were upset with Do
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