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  1. I too was happy with the trade and had even suggested going after Drouin when all of the trade talk was about other players. Les Canadienne without any French Canadian content seemed weird and Drouin had his problems with the hold out in Tampa. I still think this is a fair trade although Drouin worried me the first game back with the bad penalties. I though he turned a corner this year but then the injuries hit. At this point we see a Sergachev who is playin less with the arrival of McDonaugh an Drouin trying to play injury free for a change. This playoff will be a good indicator of where Dro
  2. Is that our crappy defense standing up and winning hockey? Keep it going boys!!
  3. I might have thrown a few things on the ice after that Weber call, instead i just have to clean my carpet.
  4. Hit the net on the PP and tie the game up!!!
  5. Not sure where the D went on that one but they may want to fix that soon.
  6. Nails are shot. That was game one overtime. Calling on doctor Guinness tonight.
  7. I'm already having trouble waiting after having no hockey for 4 months. This is a tough wait. Habs biggest playoff game in quite awhile. I guess I'll get a double for that extra 10 minutes
  8. Weise looked a little out of place at times, that line with Weal and Domi has a good physical presence. Having Domi lower in the line-up allows our forwards to play more of a possession game. I can see Evans get a look because he appears to be a very smart player, but we would lose some of that physicality. Julien appears to be trying to get the hits in and make Pittsburgh pay for their scoring chances. We'll see if it works. It is nice to see some depth to this line-up. We have a few more options now although some of them are a pretty young. It is a good problem to have.
  9. Tonight is Carey's to win. I think we can keep them to 1 or fewer and use our speed a little more. I think 2-1 will do it, but am not looking forward to having to beat them after this one. Pens are a tough team so if we can keep the off the scoresheet I like our chances. We had a lot of discipline in that first game despite all the penalties.
  10. Great game to get some confidence. Carey had their back tonight and that is a good sign. One less game we have to win.
  11. We need to win the period. Not bad. It would be nice to see the PP get a chance.
  12. This is great for development. Good to see kids taking the lead tonight
  13. Well we cannot afford penalties today as we give up too many shorties!!!! It is nice to have the Habs back and with a little puck luck we can win this one. I am making sure I do not watch the last minute of any of the first two periods in these games as we continue to be overly generous to the opposition during this time. GO HABS GO
  14. Glad to see Domi back in camp. Looking at these forwards we have options. I can easily see Julien moving Armia and Lehkonen into a checking role around Byron or with Domi by moving Drouin and Suzuki down. This can be done or in pairs or one at a time. One of the most important players on this team is a healthy Byron. A fourth line of Byron, Evans and Weal may be very difficult for teams to handle and if we have to move Kotkoniemi down he will still have some players with speed who can put the puck in the net. I am not sure how effective Weise will be but he has had a few months to get in bett
  15. Now all they got to do is drop the puck. Good thing I don't have any yard work to do in August. I hear the warm up or placement games will be televised in between the more important play in games so it looks like they've optimized the schedule to allow the important games to get the priority. Now if Malkin and Crosby can just get opt out of playing we'll be all set.
  16. If we are healthy the only team I worry about is Philadelphia as they have had our number for a while now. Price is the wild card but we hav a good young team with a balanced attack. The other wild cards for me are we are in a great position to make trades with all our draft picks.Even at 16 we can still trade up using our seconds. It will be a lot more exciting than watching MLB this summer although I have enjoyed the Expo reruns.
  17. A big can of worms has been opened with this format but I prefer these chances. Our chances for making the playoffs and winning a cup which is why they play has increased significantly from the 1 or 2% that we had before the season was cut off. I actually like our chances against the Pens with Carey in a short series. As far as the draft goes we have definitely lost a little ground when it comes to getting a pick in the top 10, but we now have 12.5% at Lafreniere which is a big improvement and still will be in the top ten if we get knocked out by the Pens. I prefer this scenario, as the
  18. So your saying theirs a chance!! 12.5% is good enough for me. We've gotten lucky enough to have a shot at the cup so it is either win the cup or lose in the first round. Perfect strategy. It would be nice to be able to trade with the other first round loser to improve our odds, although I am not sure to many teams would go for it. GO HABS GO!!!
  19. In that case we may all be off topic.
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