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  1. I like the stats, but would like to see the same done with assists to provide a clearer view of the point value of a player. For some players this may be a bit of an issue ie. Galchenyuk, Desharnais or to a bigger extent a Nugent-Hopkins type who just need to shoot more. This appears to validate how I see this team. We appear to have alot of players who are paid and performing at the level of a 2nd liner, whether caused by coaching or skill set. I am not sure we have a championship level number one line and believe the closest we were to having that was with Vanek and Pacioretty. From a salary
  2. I think the priority has been to get a coach who can teach young players on how to play sound defensive hockey. Something most players cannot do coming out of junior. We have not had enough depth in the organization to be going after a Calder since Bergevin has taken over, but this may be a good challenge for Lefebvre this season. He may get exposed, but if Bergevin feels he is getting solid results from his players entering the NHL I am not sure why he would want to make a change. Most of these players are drafted for their offensive skill set so they know what they are getting and the job is
  3. This is a big year for Galchenyuk. If he can take over at centre Bergevin will have to decide fair value for re-signing/trading Plekanec, or Therrien will need to look at keeping one of Eller or Desharnais at centre. This training camp may be the most competetive in quite a while when it comes to playing top 6. Besides Patches, we do not have any other significant first liners and I believe this has been some of the problem. We basically have a 2A and 2B with Patches being the one making an A line. Semin/Kassian may help, but they are more likely to add to the problem. If Galchenyuk can pic
  4. I think your right in saying he has to see the skill. He has to be able to tell the NHL veteran this kid is replacing, sorry but the kid just outplays you night in and night out at your position. It is one thing to get a place in the line-up it is another to take the job of someone who has been playing a specific position in the line-up. He did move Desharnais and Eller last year and both appeared to respond well (no whining in the press), but Galchenyuk appears to be doing some of that now. I hope he can back it up in camp and earn the role. I don't think he appreciates the role of a coach
  5. Like the signing. If you want to play as a d-man on this team the competition is pretty tough, but with Markov leaving in a year and Gilbert getting older Tinordi has a real opportunity to prove his worth this year. I hope he makes the best of it and gets to stick around.
  6. The make-up of the deal may be indicative of how serious his injuries were last year. Bergevin may want to see him play a season wihout another concussion or at least be symptom free. Hopefully things work out for both sides.
  7. Grew up wathing the Habs live a lot in the late 60' and 70's and have since lived mostly in Edmonton. Last game I saw live in Montreal (early 80's) was at the forum, but have seen them play out west often. The change in cable made (RDS blackout) made this year the first where I missed catching alll their games. I have visited the Bell Centre in the summer and may catch a prospects camp one year but would love to catch a couple of games live.
  8. I think you explained this very well. As for the used-less theory on PAP I will disagree. This argument hs been used with Diaz and some other fringe players that we have let go. They have not suddenly blssomed on other teams (see Briere) I may not agree with everything Therrien does but do feel he is a competent evaluator of NHL play and can tell the difference between someone he can play and someone who has one foot in retirement.
  9. Since Bergevin took over he has consistently used UFA's to fill some needs and give us depth. For much of that time the focus was on improving the defense first, and while he may need to pick up a forward I think we have the youth ready to take some spots and I think he knows it. I am not surprised to see PAP go and believe if Marky declines this year he may be bought out on his final year next year. We have a large list of over 30's that will be gone and Gilbert and Plekanec are getting close to the same situation next year. It will be interesting to see if Plecky is offered a short term deal
  10. I have many fond memories of Montreal Philadelphia games. I was at the Flyer 5-3 Flyers I believe during their undefeated streak and Mr. Clarke ( I don't think I referred to him as Mr. Clarke back then) was hacking people all over the place behind the play. I know we were winning going into the third and blew the lead. The fans were not happy but it was a great game, and they ended up going on to break a streak the Habs had from a couple of years before. They always gave us a tough time and still do I believe. The Forum crowd never took kindly to losing.
  11. I disagree. I think this has been a long season for the rookie and giving him some time upstairs to reflect and get back on track shouldn't hurt. I want him ready and rested for the playoffs so taking a few nights off shouldn't matter especially if it gives us the opportunity to play some other rookies. Therrien's moves are not impacting our ability to win. If this was a benching i would expect Eller to have been sitting beside him. I don't think that is what this is about.
  12. The Gods are clearly testing Sekac. He continues to get chances and they still don't go in. Keep the Faith Jiri you're due to break out in a big way!!!
  13. Hat trick and 10 shots on goal versus he Oil Kings. How's that meningitis? Great to see!!! http://www.whl.ca/schedule/show/game/33933
  14. This trade is turning into a bit of a wash and if we can get a late pick for him I would not complain. With Thomas and Andrighetto providing some energy and Weise so far handling duties that may be more related to developing a top checking line Parenteau's absence may not be that damaging. Desharnais and PK are providing a lot of enregy on the power play and we seem to be moving in the right direction without Parenteau. It may also provide the opportunity to take a look at Reway's abilities toward the end of the season.
  15. Looking better all the time. He has become a very reliable player. I love the skill level and see some of the same skills in Reway.
  16. He looked very good against the Finns today.. Always dangerous around the puck. He clearly stood out on a rather mediocre Slovak team. I look forward to watching him play some more.
  17. It looks like the auditions have started. It would be nice to see him stick. I hope we see some forwards given an opportunity, especially against teams like Buffalo.
  18. I think that may have been the worst game for him. He seemed out of step last night and struggled with the puck. Hopefully only one way to go from here.
  19. This is a good move that hopefully lets some of our other prospects get a chance at getting in the line-up. We know what Bourque brings and he can stay in shape in Hamilton. The way Sekac is playing he may need to stay in shape for quite a while.
  20. Jiri barely touched the ice in the third. Is there any news. he seemed to be playing well in fact his line may have been the best.
  21. Agree. He might have been a little nervous but he made some good plays defensively and this line could put a lot of pressure on the opposition if they start to gel. They had some good chances tonight.
  22. I thought he has looked good using his speed and playmaking. Akthough still training camp he did what some young players typically do in that he overextended some shifts and didn't look too comfortable in the defensive zone. He definitely has the skill set.
  23. Appears to be the only player from this years picks not attending development camp.
  24. I think it was worse because he was a defensive liability and was making Bourque at his worst look good. I have no problem with slumps, but if you are taking ten second shifts and not moving your legs to create space out there that is different. As for the kick to the curb part Therrien showed some class by not benching him. This is professional sports and when I see players go through the motions they often need help with other issues. I wish him all the best. Perhaps the let down is from hoping he'd shine and we could keep him around for a while, but that thought has long since passed. Goo
  25. I am sure he enjoyed watching the games. If he as injured you think we would have heard something by now.
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