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  1. ...or if they were all from Quebec. "Just WIN baby WIN!"
  2. Not sure about rulings, but if you want a new word, how about GREED. I dedicate it to Bettman and NHL owners. GREED
  3. Welcome to the forums. Good to see Alberta being represented and good luck in your aspirations.
  4. I'm so thrilled to have Max signed to this deal. THANK YOU MAX!!!!!!! :) :) :)
  5. Does anybody think this is a reasonable 2nd year contract? Seems pretty high to me.
  6. Saw TSN top ten highlites and they showed handball. I thought handball was a closed court game like racketball. Seems more like a game for vertically challenged people that can't play basketball, like me.
  7. ditto from me too! Wow, it wasn't that long ago i did my first post. Have many more! Watch out for 1952, he's a pretty witty guy.
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