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  1. ...or if they were all from Quebec. "Just WIN baby WIN!"
  2. Not sure about rulings, but if you want a new word, how about GREED. I dedicate it to Bettman and NHL owners. GREED
  3. Welcome to the forums. Good to see Alberta being represented and good luck in your aspirations.
  4. I'm so thrilled to have Max signed to this deal. THANK YOU MAX!!!!!!! :) :) :)
  5. Does anybody think this is a reasonable 2nd year contract? Seems pretty high to me.
  6. Saw TSN top ten highlites and they showed handball. I thought handball was a closed court game like racketball. Seems more like a game for vertically challenged people that can't play basketball, like me.
  7. ditto from me too! Wow, it wasn't that long ago i did my first post. Have many more! Watch out for 1952, he's a pretty witty guy.
  8. Maybe the three agents are comparing notes with each other.
  9. Had my ipod,160gb, on shuffle while doing yard work and here is an eclectic look at tunes I had. phil collins-burn down the mission turtles-eve of destruction santana-aqua marine bb king-payin' the costto be the boss bryan adams-cuts like a knife social distortion-ghost town blues grover washington jr.-mister magic furtherjam '96-all along the watchtower bukka white-panama limited blues sue foley-(me & my) chauffeurzombies-she's not there van morrison-stranded neil young-burned spencer davis group-aquarius/let the sunshine in smashing pumpkins-pug steve vai-for the love of god fletcher henderson-can you take it? alice in chains-i stay away matthew good band-going all the way nine inch nails-even deeper woodie guthrie-hard travellin' thelonius monk quartet-evidence driver brothers-goldrush fever supertramp-give a little bit guns and roses-sympathy for the devel system of a down-violent pornography oscar peterson-manteca sheryl crow-home Funny thing is of all these tunes very few are from my very favoutite artists. With 18,000 plus tunes i never have a clue which will show up, but they were all enjoyable in this format.
  10. I'll tell my guardian angel that you agree with her. :) :)
  11. Stay away 1952 because of water rationing. About the badminton scandal an astute TO reader stated in G&M, "Losing games to secure a more favourable draw? It's nothing new. The Leafs do it every year."
  12. My wife who was born in Regina but grew up on Van. Island says your grandma had a guardian angel looking out for her.
  13. That is an interesting story. I regret now not learning more about my grandparents(born in Scotland) and parents lives. My dad died when I was 12 so really didn't get to know about his naval experiences, but no excuse for others, Just not interested and/or they wouldn't talk about it. MY LOSE!
  14. My dad served on convoy duty in WW2 and onthe HMCS Labrador later. He went thru NW Passage east and west and also thru the Panama Canal to totally circle N.America. Google says General Sherman of Union army sad "war is hell". The only winners are usually the businesses. I have read that US did not bomb American business interests in Germany and that Krupp munitions of Germany made royalties from firing pins dropped by allies on Germany.
  15. We will be in the plaoffs! I'm not sure if I prefer a playoff spot with early exit or a bottom 10 pick. I guess whatever they deliver will be satisfactory.
  16. Welcome aboard. Always good to here from Hab fans from around the globe. :)
  17. Don't know what Osheaga is but hope you enjoy! I also love Montreal.
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