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  1. If Pacioretty has a hearing so should McDonagh, he turned when getting hit Pacthes didn't. Also does anyone think this hearing takes place if he stayed on his feet, didn't get cut and didn't have to leave the game? I just don't like when an injury comes into play, the act should be reviewed despite the outcome IMO. He would have still got a boarding call which he deserved but it would have been left at that
  2. Cole must be superstitious. Could have grabbed another stick but he just got a goal, taping that one and sticking with it
  3. Thanks, I have rogers right now. Looks like ill be making the switch
  4. Great, another consecutive battle of Ontario Saturday night. For a Habs fan living in Ontario #stream #noHabsfansoutsideQuebec. Boo CBC, Boo.
  5. I'd like to see them try Pleks on the point with Subban on the 2nd unit. You could fill Chuckie or Gally in and it'd give them more PP time, less mins for Bouillion as well
  6. Good ole MSG broadcast, they signed Prust to 10mil a year lol
  7. Heard he will finish season in Hamilton but after that I think it's up to Bergevin, Tokarski deal may be writing on the wall
  8. Nash out tonight as per Brooksie, Saw a few people mention Price will be starting as well
  9. Pacioretty and Eller (Gallager when he's back) and more PP time for the kid, I'd give it to him over DD
  10. PP looks terrible, Canes are pressuring very well. Hopefully they keep Eller with Chuckie
  11. Imagine they keep that up with Price, maybe he should borrow Budajs jersey next game
  12. Scored a natural hat trick last night, coming back from a 2-1 deficit to win 4-2
  13. Can't forget he had a high ankle sprain, one of the worst injuries for a hockey player and he's playing for a 30th place team. I'm just happy he's getting his game back
  14. Mayer backed him up, Tokarski started and won in Hamilton
  15. I agree, I'm pretty choked that I get 8 CBC channels on Rogers from across the country, all Leafs. I know it's Ottawa but come on. On that note, is there anyone in Ontario that knows if Bell carries CBC Montreal and/or TSN Habs? I'd be willing to make the switch.
  16. Kids putting up some points. This is great for the Habs, I really believe he will be on the team to start next year and it also helps now knowing if we have the option for a trade he could even be penciled in this year.
  17. I'm liking this more and more as the day goes on, if he can live up to his billing he would be a great compliment to Price. The future of the game isn't riding your guy for 75 games IMO, if we can get someone who can be relied on for 20-25 games you will have a fresh Price down the stretch and in the playoffs.
  18. I wonder if this is an AHL only deal or if they think he'll be a viable backup to Carey next year
  19. I don't know how many Toronto media members have said Patches is dirty and sneaky, that Montreal are sore losers, surprised they didn't get cops involved, that they'd all bite down in defence as well. Jeff Blair even said he wouldn't be surprised if he bit himself, really? Wow. If this was Kadri or Kessel getting bit do you think they'd be thinking the same? No way
  20. Message to league, you can bite as long as the leagues doesn't have X-ray cameras to see actual teeth on skin
  21. You may not have seen the bite but a player doesn't react in such a manner like what Pacioretty did if it didn't happen I'm sure the linesman that escorted him to the bench could see his arm if there was any evidence of a bite. I don't think the severity of bite should matter, if intent was there thats all that should matter, it doesn't belong in the game. I said he should deserve 5-10 if there's enough evidence, suspensions shouldn't be pro-rated because of shortened season. Because he's a leaf he'll get a Medal of Honor..uhhh I mean a 1000 dollar fine.
  22. I know we hate the leafs but that doesn't mean they should continuously drill the leaf in the sweater of the tender. I mean how many times can you just loft it right into the chest of the goalie. We're not gonna score from 50 feet out all the time
  23. Ring ring... Hello, Mr. Perrault? Hi its Marc Bergevin, we'd like to hire you as a full time face off coach, what do you say? Not looking so good out there tonight, better wake up soon
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