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  1. No trade rumors in a while. There has to be a couple of small moves to get under the cap before the season starts. Any speculation on what might happen. I still think kovalchuk is coming back. Do you think we keep Danault? or do we trade him? or what might happen.
  2. And I thought it was only me thinking that. lol
  3. We can't have a number one RD, Plus a number 1 LD, Plus a number 1 RW, Plus a number 1 C , Plus a number one LW , Plus a number one G. It's all about Balance.
  4. Ok I'll give you a chance to explain, are you saying that without Werenski Weber and Petry are 2-3
  5. Anderson will not be playing 3rd line next year. At the least 2nd. And Danault first line. come on man.
  6. average D? So that would put us around the 16th best or worst Defense in the league. The D right now is more than average. Go through cap friendly and find 10 teams that are better than the habs D. I think you'd be lucky to find 5 teams better. (arguments to follow) LOL. Offence a different story. We need SCORING. Yes SCORING. and for the 3rd time we need SCORING.
  7. This might keep him out of your trade rumors
  8. Unless you got a NMC and don't want to go.
  9. Yes but the way contacts are going now. Weber is well worth the money. IMO
  10. Tsn reporting that Pominville would listen to Habs offer. Would he help the kids? Is he to old now to even get a shot with us?.
  11. Doesn't matter the only one can stop those guys is price and he hasn't won yet. So he's good.
  12. Jiri Slegr vs Grant fuhr. I'm dead too. No one any good born on 5-30.
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