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  1. He's a better center than all these guys. That why he's more valuable than everyone of them.
  2. I thougt JD really made Josh Andersons game better last year. Even though he didn't score he had assists. When JD left I thought Josh's game slipped considerably. These guys do have chemistry together. Lets all not panic here wanting to trade him just yet. They deserve a full season together. But this just maybe his last chance.
  3. I agree with everything you just said. I thinks what CaptWelly is saying is that there's no difference in social Media. Hockey is on the Bottom of the list in the US for sure. but there's almost as many hockey fan's down there. Like I don't know what the numbers are but with close to 350mil to our 39mil.
  4. Elliotte Friedman says he thinks Montreal and Buffalo had big talks yesterday on Jack Eichel.
  5. Why just Tatar. That entire line was crap. Artturi Lehkonen should sit out in my opinion. He has zero hockey sense. Great skater but that's all in my opinion.
  6. Wow!! that's a bad save percentage. Actually for both teams.
  7. Yeh lets see how he looks. I've watched a few of his games. He seems to be good at getting away from being hit hard. Kind of like NZ, He can really roll away from a hit. I'm just so impressed with how he sees the ice. Maybe I'm a bit to hyped over this guy. I'd be so disappointed if he didn't work out.
  8. Of course its up to the team. But its fun to speculate on what we think is going to happen. 9 times out of 10 we're wrong but when we get it right that 1 time. We think we know it all. lol. I think he plays sometime next week. What's your opinion? Your Absolutely right on the plan but some guys really don't need that extra time. I really thought Poehling and Brook would fade away or be traded but it certainly looks like it's working for these guys. Their game has really stepped up. I guess I'm a little greedy and haven't seen a cup in so long. I'm 54 and my back is giving out and I'm finding it harder and harder to jump off the couch when they score. So I'd almost sell the farm to win. LOL.
  9. I don't see why people think CC needs more time in the minors. The league is way different these days. How many 18 and 19 year old kids are playing right now? CC is 20 and has been in more high pressure games than the most of them. I think maybe 1 or 2 games in the minors would be fine. with Gally down week to week. I think he'll get his shot next week. watching CC He appears to be really smart with the puck as well, not just the goal scorer the media puts him out to be. With better guys in the NHL to pass to. I'm expecting big things. Just Sayin'
  10. I agree. No cup since 93. MB is going for it. His job is on the line as well this year. The time is now. Danault and Tatar are not going anywhere for picks. The future is now.
  11. Exactly right. I think Seattle will play mostly young players as well this year. They certainly may take on a few bad contracts for the right return though. Allen is in the top 3 options for goalies . If he keeps playing the way he's playing he just maybe the top option.
  12. Thanks for being on my side. LOL
  13. Even If he's not a starter he's proven to be a top notch goalie with a smaller workload. Again as a GM you have to look for the best value. As I mentioned before not who we hope to get rid of. We will not lose anyone important in my opinion.
  14. Think of yourself as the GM of the Kraken. Not who we hope for the Habs to get rid of. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If I'm the Kraken GM, I'm taking Jake Allan He's the best option and you can only lose one player. But to answer the question Paul Byron
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