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  1. He is leading his team in points, 8 through 8 games.
  2. 5 foot 8, drops to the 4th round after a pretty solid first season in the Q. Could he be this years' late round gem? Can't wait to see how he performs in the Q next year.
  3. Never did this. I'm Justin, 26...live in BC. My dad is from Montreal and been watching games in French (back in the day on the secondary French CBC channel, just saturday nights, nowadays on RDS (which we annoyingly can't get in HD on our provider)) for as long as I can remember and love everything about the team. Favourite player is Carey, but Gallagher is going to make that one tough over the next few years I think. Oh and I have an unhealthy love for all things Swede in the NHL, and am liking the couple of young Swedes they have. Also, I love Lars "Larry" Eller.
  4. Wow, can't say I foresaw the Habs not even qualifying Weber. I still think he could be an asset down the road, but he needs to put on some muscle and learn the game defensively much better. Pretty big news today I suppose.
  5. All those things you mention are the exact reason why if Leblanc falters offensively and isn't a top 6 guy in the NHL there's no reason to think he'll be a total bust. Every year we see some unsung hero, some 3rd/4th line guy come up huge countless times in the playoffs. Sometimes several guys for one team, not just one. Maybe Leblanc is never a top 6 guy, but he can be 33% of an amazing 2 way energy line with some scoring potential. But to write him off because of one poor AHL season as some are doing, or say that it's close to make or break time...gotta disagree wholeheartedly. Example...Kyle Chipchura. Never developed how the Habs hoped, but he's developed as a decent 4th line guy. Played in every one but one of Phoenix' playoff games last year. You don't have a reliable 4th line, your top 3 lines get worn out. Who knows what Leblanc will become...the flavour of the week Kreider was picked one spot after him, everyone was talking about him last year in the playoffs and then he stunk it up in the NHL this year, and didn't have a banner season in the AHL either. I highly doubt the Rangers have given up on him, nor should the Habs.
  6. Didn't he have a bad ankle injury last season? The kid is 22 years old, it'll take a couple more years before we can start to determine anything.
  7. His 3 seasons before the Olympics he had 102, 83, and 80 points. I don't care if they were playing on a 10 by 10 field of marrigolds, it was absurd that he was left off of the team, and it is amusing that 4 years later he is basically a lock for the squad.
  8. If anything Bean, I'd prefer guys like him to be on 1 way deals. THat's an area a team like the Habs should be willing to "abuse" the cap system a bit. Pay the guys you expect to be 9 or 10 on your depth chart (or 14, 15 at forward) 1 way deals, and then a lot of the lower earning teams will be more reluctant to claim them. Drewiske in his games played did nothing to make me think he's unworthy of having an NHL contract, it's not unheard of for guys like him to take their game to another level in their late 20's/early 30's either, not saying he'll ever be a top 4 guy, but he could find a niche as a solid bottom pairing guy in a couple of years. Everything we ever hear about him raves about his intelligence.
  9. How weird will it be seeing them take St. Louis after seemingly not taking him in 2010 because he was too old
  10. This is a smart signing. Depth on defence is crucial in the NHL. Drewiske might not be an every night d-man, but he's not being paid like one either. If he's a smart guy who understands his role and is willing to do what it takes to be a solid member of the organization where is the downside to this signing? My guess is the Habs want a defence that goes 9, or even 10 deep. Drewiske now is a part of that, and signed for 2 years making very little against the cap. Smart signing, people can make japes about it all they want but he improves the team, not hurts it.
  11. Halak was traded on June 18th, 2010. The Finals ended on June 9th, 2010. So it was after the playoffs had ended, more than a week in fact.
  12. Wow, apparently they've signed him to a 2 year 10 million dollar deal. That's awfully risky, and makes me think Markov's trade vale would be through the ROOF this SUmmer.
  13. I think there's an "unwritten" rule to not make any big transactions during the playoffs, so as not to take the spotlight off of the hockey being played.
  14. These polls are flawed because some centers will play LW (and RW) on Sochi anyways. And I know it was explained why Tavares is listed here after being listed in the C's, but it doesn't make any sense. Way more than half of the guys on that list have absolutely no chance of being on Team Canada for Sochi...
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