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  1. Never did this.

    I'm Justin, 26...live in BC. My dad is from Montreal and been watching games in French (back in the day on the secondary French CBC channel, just saturday nights, nowadays on RDS (which we annoyingly can't get in HD on our provider)) for as long as I can remember and love everything about the team.

    Favourite player is Carey, but Gallagher is going to make that one tough over the next few years I think.

    Oh and I have an unhealthy love for all things Swede in the NHL, and am liking the couple of young Swedes they have.

    Also, I love Lars "Larry" Eller.

  2. The funny thing about LL is that when he came up 2-3 years ago, he really showed a lot of things that most minor-leaguers aren't able to do in their first stints in the big leagues: his work along the boards was strong despite being a younger, under-developed player; his fore-check was impressive without being over-committal (as opposed to what we saw with guys like Lapierre or White, where they sometimes got caught out of position because they were too aggressive); and he played a smart two-way game. I think those are all things he can build on, and I don't feel like he looked out of place in the NHL.

    All those things you mention are the exact reason why if Leblanc falters offensively and isn't a top 6 guy in the NHL there's no reason to think he'll be a total bust.

    Every year we see some unsung hero, some 3rd/4th line guy come up huge countless times in the playoffs. Sometimes several guys for one team, not just one.

    Maybe Leblanc is never a top 6 guy, but he can be 33% of an amazing 2 way energy line with some scoring potential.

    But to write him off because of one poor AHL season as some are doing, or say that it's close to make or break time...gotta disagree wholeheartedly.

    Example...Kyle Chipchura. Never developed how the Habs hoped, but he's developed as a decent 4th line guy. Played in every one but one of Phoenix' playoff games last year. You don't have a reliable 4th line, your top 3 lines get worn out.

    Who knows what Leblanc will become...the flavour of the week Kreider was picked one spot after him, everyone was talking about him last year in the playoffs and then he stunk it up in the NHL this year, and didn't have a banner season in the AHL either. I highly doubt the Rangers have given up on him, nor should the Habs.

  3. The bigger ice surface may play in his favour, whereas the last Olympics was in NA with NHL sized iced.

    His 3 seasons before the Olympics he had 102, 83, and 80 points.

    I don't care if they were playing on a 10 by 10 field of marrigolds, it was absurd that he was left off of the team, and it is amusing that 4 years later he is basically a lock for the squad.

  4. Not that Drewskie really has any sort of leverage, but most guys like him are more readily willing to accept less (ie: at or around league minimum) if it's a one way contract, because of the security. It certainly doesn't bother me whether he makes $600K vs $100K while he's in the minors.

    If anything Bean, I'd prefer guys like him to be on 1 way deals. THat's an area a team like the Habs should be willing to "abuse" the cap system a bit.

    Pay the guys you expect to be 9 or 10 on your depth chart (or 14, 15 at forward) 1 way deals, and then a lot of the lower earning teams will be more reluctant to claim them.

    Drewiske in his games played did nothing to make me think he's unworthy of having an NHL contract, it's not unheard of for guys like him to take their game to another level in their late 20's/early 30's either, not saying he'll ever be a top 4 guy, but he could find a niche as a solid bottom pairing guy in a couple of years. Everything we ever hear about him raves about his intelligence.

  5. I don't know, I'm confused....Did anyone else see anything about this guy that warranted a re-upping?

    This is a smart signing. Depth on defence is crucial in the NHL. Drewiske might not be an every night d-man, but he's not being paid like one either. If he's a smart guy who understands his role and is willing to do what it takes to be a solid member of the organization where is the downside to this signing?

    My guess is the Habs want a defence that goes 9, or even 10 deep.

    Drewiske now is a part of that, and signed for 2 years making very little against the cap.

    Smart signing, people can make japes about it all they want but he improves the team, not hurts it.

  6. I'm a little foggy on that, I was always under that impression (no big trades during the post season), but 2 teams no longer in the post season race have traded during the playoffs.

    Habs did it a few years ago with Halak. Not a huge blockbuster move, but given the playoff performance he just had, was a significant trade.

    I would figure from a GM's point of view, I wouldn't want to be wheeling and dealing before the cup finals. I'd have discussions, but I'd wait to see what other teams plans are for the next season. Would suck if you made a trade for a good player, only to find out a team as heavy favorites are knocked out and decide to blow up the team so to speak. You could've made a bid for a higher skilled player had you not pulled the trigger so early. Then, if you wait too long you may be left without any real options.

    Halak was traded on June 18th, 2010.

    The Finals ended on June 9th, 2010.

    So it was after the playoffs had ended, more than a week in fact.

  7. To further HRF's thoughts...

    1. Banned members can still log onto the site, but their posting ability is disabled.

    2. Correct on the trades... they can still occur, but the acquired players are ineligible to play in the playoffs. Teams that are eliminated can in theory start preparing their rosters for the next season though.

    I think there's an "unwritten" rule to not make any big transactions during the playoffs, so as not to take the spotlight off of the hockey being played.

  8. These polls are flawed because some centers will play LW (and RW) on Sochi anyways. And I know it was explained why Tavares is listed here after being listed in the C's, but it doesn't make any sense.

    Way more than half of the guys on that list have absolutely no chance of being on Team Canada for Sochi...

  9. It seems odd this kid went in the 3rd round.

    That 2012 draft could be looked back on as something very serious for this teams long term depth.

    Between that and the 6 picks between 24th and 84th there's a lot to be excited about right now.

  10. Time.

    Not much, they can even be very competitive short term.

    But the Habs look poised to contend for years to come. They have some VERY young guys who are going to be very experienced at young ages.

    Eller will be over 250 after next season.The Young G's already at over 100 NHL regular season games. PK will have more than 250 games.

    Price will pass 350 next season.

    I really like the make up of this team, I did going into this season despite last years' finish. I saw in last years squad a team being coached by a guy who didn't have direction...people think they need all sorts of improvements, just more depth really.

    I'd be against anything on a long term this Summer, give it another offseason, time is on the Habs' side. Keep an ear open for mid season trades (lotta d-men need to be re-signed in the next 15 months.) and grab some guys on one year deals.

    Ideally the Habs have all 3 of Gionta, Gallagher, and Desharnais on separate lines.

    Could Gallagher be up for playing top line shutdown minutes on Plekx' wing? I think Pacio would be up for the challenge personally and I have no doubt Gallagher would as well.

    I believe Bourque would be great with Desharnais, forget the 2nd/3rd line and put Prust on the left side and Bourque on the right and Desharnais down the middle.

    Then you have the luxury of playing a savvy veteran like Gionta with 2 young thoroughbreds who might just be developing some serious rapport with one another on the ice.

  11. Clear out the UFAs/RFAs. Don't re-sign Bouillon and Ryder.

    Trade Gionta for a big, skilled right winger. Trade Paciocetty for a skilled playmaking winger to rehabilitate DD.

    Make Brandon Prust new captain.

    Trade Gorges + Diaz for big, tough D-mn. Get rid of Drewiske. Spend big $$$ to bolster defence. Get a younger, bigger Markov replacement in preparation for compliance buyout.

    Overall roster should have a 60:40 ratio of D-men vs forwards.

    What's that even mean?

  12. We'll see; if 6 months is the "normal" recovery time for this surgery, an elite athlete with the best doctors/physical therapists might be back sooner (look at Karlson). I just hope it doesn't affect his game too much going forward. He's young enough that he can hopefully come back 100%.

    I believe the "normal" recovery time for an injury like this would be significantly longer than 6 months...

  13. With respect to free agency, just remember that there will likely be some big-name buyouts once those are allowed... so the group of who's freed up may change, and other players may become available via trade as teams revamp their rosters trhough free agency as well. Diaz has much more value than Weber, but in the end, it's hard to squeeze him into the roster we have. We need to get bigger and tougher on the back end, and Diaz doesn't really fit that role well.

    Diaz is a smallish d-man who doens't do anything "great" but aside from a lack of physicality (although he plays a pretty tough game) he doesn't have any flaws.

    I hope that in the quest to become "tougher" they don't leave Diaz out of the plans solely due to his size. He's impressed a lot.

  14. Phaneuf, Subban, Weber, Keith, Letang, Pietrangelo.

    Not trolling with the Phaneuf vote, he's an easy guy to hate but he's quietly become a top d-man again.

    The Canadian team needs a defensive stalwart, Phaneuf isn't that. He just isn't a smart player on the ice.

    He could be a top 5 d-man in the league with all of his skill set, but his head just isn't there.

  15. Good point about the handedness of players, it's something we rarely take into consideration on an international scale event like this. Most of the time, I think we assume that players of that caliber will be able to adapt well, but that's not necessarily always the case.

    Honestly, if it was in North America I think it would be MUCH less of an issue...but it's a big adjustment for a RH guy to play on the Left Side just on NHL ice, let alone with the 4 metre (13 odd feet) wider dimensions.

    So, it's a definite dilemma, and I think it's almost certain that one of the great young d-men is left off of the team.

    Although I believe they can dress 7 d-men and have 8 on the team, so it may be that one of the young guys is used moreso for PP time than anything else.

    I'm torn who to choose for the top 6, good poll!

  16. Something that people have to take into consideration is what hand the d-men are.

    Doughty, Letang, Subban, Weber and Pietrangelo are all right handed.

    I personally can't see them going with 5 right handed guys in their top 6.

    Keith is a leftie so he's a lock, most like Seabrook will be there too since that gives the team a legit pairing with experience playing with each other.

    But would the team go with one left handed guy? That seems really risky to me. I fully believe that the 5 guys listed above, all rihgt handed, all undoubtedly deserve to be on the team and may very well be the 5 best Canadian d-men as well, but I just can't see them loading up that much at right handed.

    So who gets left out?

    My pick is for Hamhuis to be on the team.

  17. I never said he didn't belong in the NHL. As for the sample size, 15 games is not far off the first 19 when he was sizzling. I like that sizzle, but he's done that twice in two years (looked good out the gate but then fizzled afterwards). Hopefully he can jump up and earn that top-four spot, but it shouldn't be given to him.

    What gives you the idea it will be given to him though? :wacko:

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