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  1. 2 years and it costs probably 2.5 to lock up Moen, and maybe he just says "No, I want term" And I don't see the big deal between 2 and 4 personally, why are we expecting a drop off in his performance? The Habs don't have to worry about one of their bottom 6 wing positions, or their top PK guy on the wing for the next 4 years. How is this not a great thing? At 1.875 he's a bargain too, considering all that he brings to the team.
  2. Kaberle is NOT a bad contract! 2 more years at 4.25 for a PMD of his calibre is great, you find him the right partner and he'll be great for you for the money you're paying. It's amazing what one subpar season with 2 awful teams can do to change people's opinion on a guy.
  3. The Habs would match ANY offer sheet to Subban. They'd probably, like the Predators, thank them for helping them lock up a great d-man for many years. I don't get your assessment of "pointless" he will be a solid fixture in the line up for the next 4 years while the habs try to win the Stanley Cup. The Habs are far better than their finish last year indicated and I can't wait to laugh at those who were being so negative at this point in time. Not sure if that's what you're doing but that's the only way that saying that signing was "pointless" makes sense as far as I can tell.
  4. Why not? Having a strong bottom 6 that can actually play consistent strong hockey is huge. The positive effect it has on the top lines is immeasurable. I can't believe anyone would complain about a 1.875 cap hit for Moen for the next 4 years. Top PKing winger, cup winner, great defensive guy, can play 17 minutes in a night in a pinch, great teammate. Where the hell is the downside? Also, he won't be 36, or 37 when his contract is up. He'll be 34. I don't understand what is pointless about signing a great bottom 6 guy who brings all of the things Moen brings to the table every night is "pointless", could you please elaborate?
  5. Did Palushaj sign a 2 way contract? If he did, it's him and it's not even close. IMO anyways
  6. Yup! And if Markov is healthy, and Diaz continues to progress, and depending on where they are in the standings they could potentially deal him for some picks/prospects. All this talk about burying him confuses me to no end. What???? It's unfortunate that Moen is locked up for 4 years? How so? He makes 1.8 and is a fantastic bottom 6 player who is great on the PK. How is this a bad thing in any way?
  7. You think 3 million is too much for Sergei?
  8. Kaberle is nowhere near as bad as people make him out to be. There's a reason he got a relatively short deal and not huge money AND signed late in the Summer when he finally hit UFA...he's a flawed d-man and GM's know it. But he also has many assets he brings to the table, and is wildly underrated by Habs fans. The cap concerns are incredibly minor, people are misguided if they think the reason Bergevin didn't make a big splash this year was because of Gomez' contract...the market was horrible after Parise/Suter and they weren't coming to Montreal.
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