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  1. Here is another variation, that should be considered, touching on some of the points that have been brought up already. The top producing line of Cole-Desharnais-Patches SHOULD be dplit up due to the fact that Pacioretty and Cole are the 2 best goal scorers on the team. Plekanec and Desharnais are both very skilled at passing and there fore they should both get a power forward to work with. Desharnais has always had chemistry with Pacioretty so they should stay together. Eller is due for a break out season and he needs some talent with him to get to the level that he is capable of. Therefore I think that this is the best combination... 1. Bourque-Desharnais-Pacioretty (We all know Bourque is a capable scorer with the right linemates) 2. Cole-Plekanec-Gionta (if these top 6 don't work, I'd swap Desharnais with Plekanec and see how that works) 3. Moen-Eller-Armstrong (Galchenyuk if he makes the team - Bourque has a 10 game window for me in the top 6 - if he does not perform with different combinations, Eleer should be put in to top 6 as a LW - that being said Eller should have 5-7 shifts a game with top lines at the start of the season to say what he can prove) 4. Prust-White-Nokelainen (or Blunden) ***Would like to see Leblanc and Galchenyuk get some action even if they don't make the team*** Defensive pairings are already pretty solid, just have to focus a little more on the defensive side of the ice Markov-Kaberle (Would like to try Subban with Markov first - have a feeling it won't work) Subban-Gorges Bouillon-Emelin Let me know what you guys think
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