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  1. 2013 lines Pacs-Desharnais-Cole (Dont mess with a sure thing) Gionta- Gomez- Bourque ( Gomez and Gionta always perform well with a power forward) Eller- Pleks- Leblanc ( Eller aint that good of a center, pleks can play with anybody) Prust-White-Moen( awesome 4th line) Subban Georges( ready to be moulded into top two material) Markov- Emelin( A healthy Markov can show him the way, and emelin is a hitting Machine) Kaberle-Boullion( Good veteran 3rd pairing with a little offensive upside) PP 1 PP2 Cole-Des-Pacs Gionta-Gomez-Bourque Subban PLeks Markov Kaberle PK 1 PK2 Pleks Moen Prust Eller/White Subban Georges Boullion Markov
  2. this goes way back bud, pre lockout. I was saying use gomez with talented players, gionta and power forward, it has worked, they are stuck with him till the summer, so make it work. Leblanc is a promising young player. We had a horrible coach, let Therian work with these guys. You'll see.
  3. Have to give gomez a chance, he's here to stay, unless the GM can pull of the deal of the life time, thats the only reason i suggest it. I wish it was Deharnais Pleks and Eller down the middle but its not, have to live with it and have to make the best of it. Montreal wont buy him out and wont bury him in the minors, thats most likely outta the question, i just cant see them doing either happening.
  4. Every team is big and physical, even montreal now. Thats why i'd put eller and leblanc with pleks. He is smaller but has terrific hockey smarts, add a couple 6 foot wingers on his wing that can be 2 way players under the right guidance and ya have yourself a pretty good line. Gionta is just to small to be thrown into a shutdown role. He is a fast, skilled sniper who can be responsible in his own end but thats about as far a i'd go with him. Seems like a good captain, may not be too loud but leads with his effort game in game out.
  5. 2 things. 1. Gionta is no shut down guy, hes 5'6" or 7". He can kill penalties because he is one of a few right hand shots on the team and speed can kill penalties, but he does NOT go up against crosby and Giroux at any point of a game. 2. The young players will flourish under Therian's coaching, LeBlanc is being moulded into a shut down guy, plus he 6 ft tall and prob. close to 200 lbs. I was thinking of a shut down line actually when I mentioned Eller-Pleks-LeBlanc line, LeBlanc would be a nice fit with the two I think. Peoples hatred for gomez is blocking their hockey vision
  6. As I stated before, plekanec knows where he stands on this team. 1st PP, 1st Pk, team most valuable forward. Whats wrong with a Eller-Pleks-LeBlanc line. Pleks will contribute no matter what. Gomez wont and hes part of this team no matter what, so they have to use him properly, not playing fourth line center or wing.
  7. If using big words helps you feel better about your argument then all the power to ya. Im just simply saying, Give 20 games to a guy in his early 30's, who until very recently,was a offensive threat in this league. If used properly he MAY be able to regain the qualities he once brought to the game. DD-Pacs-Cole are the 1 st line, there is no debating that, now call it lines 2a) and 2b) or 2nd line and 3 rd line, in todays game there is not to much of a diff. between the two, just pencil gomez and gionta in there with a decently skilled line mate, i say bourque or eller, and see what happens. If after 20 games hes just isnt panning out(10-15 pts) then bench him, make him fouth line winger, i dont care, then its time to give a chance to the future players of this team.
  8. Thats the only point im trying to get across here, with the right line mates, which seems to be Gionta and a big strong winger, he has the ability to produce, hes wasted with Moen and Blunden on his line. They have to give him another chance, but it has to be a legitimate chance with proper wingers and proper responsibility(2nd or 3rd line duties, some pp mins, especially 5 on 3). When you talk about his puck carrying abilities it reminds me of his first year here when the habs would constantly use the set play where the defense would drop the puck to a streaking Gomez in the defensive zone and let him utilize his speed and puck carrying to gain the offensive zone. He got 60 pts his first year here, but orchestrated many plays which led to goals without receiving a point/assist. Its all about confidence, and getting it back. 20 games to get it back, if he doesn't come thru then reduce his role, sit him in the press box, do what ever cause we have to much of a future with our young guys for them to be losing out to burnt out veterans.
  9. PLayoffs GP 26 G 2 A 16 Pts 18 Like i say, last year is write off,for him and the team, he played 38 games,we seen what centering the 4th line gets ya. Hes a 30yr old. Its too early to say his best days are behind him. 20 game chance is all im saying. Again, im considering last year a write off for everybody. As far as im concerned, last year didnt happen, the team is not near as bad as they finished
  10. A healthy Markov and a rejuvenated Kaberle and a freshly signed 15 goal season from Subban mean a top 3 PP in league Gomez will get 50 pts Price gets 35 wins Habs finish top 5 in east
  11. Montreal wont bury him in the minors, they're not the rangers, montreal is too classy of an organization. He could end up in the minors because of a poor showing in training camp though. He is doomed by his contract, we all dislike it and wish it wasnt there, if he plays fourth line you get nothing outta him. Give him a chance( 20 games) im writing off last season, not just for gomez but the whole team. Fresh start. New management, new coach, healthy markov. Wow, i never thought there was this much hate for gomez , people defended camalleri with his play off performance, gomez is pretty clutch come playoff time too.
  12. Again, not saying anything negative about Pleks, my fav hab,teams best forward and team MVP. But so important to PP and PK that less mins.(10-12 mins) and less of a pounding when playing Bos, Philly, etc etc might do him some good. Maybe even a Eller-Pleks-White/Armstrong line. Pleks can contribute playing with anyone, plus PP,PK. Gomez needs skill. We cant write him off and have him center the fourth line, waste of 7.5 mill. Give him 20 games, he needs to gain his confidence back. see what happens, is all im saying. His teammates defend him like a brother and alot of the younger guys really look up to him, that says alot. All of this of course depending on he has a strong training camp and gains the coaches trust, cause from what i read Therien isn't to high on him.
  13. They dont play that well together, last season Martin(and maybe Cunneyworth aswell) kept putting pleks gionta and cammalleri together and they were brutal, just about shift. Gionta and gomez play well together, gomez the set up man and gionta the shooter, they play the give and go well too. If they have a big strong winger for support they do well. For those who doubt, do a little research, see their stats when Pouliot joined they're line in 2010, gomez got nearly a point a game, then in 2010-11 it was a rough year until Pacioretty joined them, they were a pretty good line until Pacs was almost killed by Chara. Last year Gomez played 38 games, most centeringthe fourth line or playing wing on the 3rd line. I hate his contract just as much as the next person, but hes here to stay, they have to utilize him.
  14. Firstly I know, abdominal surgery, may miss first 8-10 games of season, Secondly, I and many others will totally disagree, they may have had a good couple stretches together because they are both very skilled players but they dont not play the same game, they dont click well. Thirdly, Although i had to read your statement a couple times to get what point you were trying to get across, he is simply doomed because his contract, he will never live up to it, but that being said, he was always 2nd line center caliber his whole career, even his first year here he played pretty good, had a rough 2nd year and last year played half a season and 3/4 of that was on the wing or centering the fourth line. If hes play with skilled players he will produce, Gionta and Bourque, you heard it here first. MMW
  15. Gomez can be a top 6 center if and only he is paired with top 6 wingers,he and his contract are here to stay, its to rich to trade and montreal has to much class to bury him in the minors. Pleks(who could be a 1st line center on any team) can play with anyone and contribute, and is so valuable to the power play and PK that maybe third line center mins(10-12 mins at 5 on 5) is just what he needs. See end quote of my last post, except for maybe Price, he is our MVP. And Eller, sorry i just plain forgot about, i like every single player on the team, but I have not yet put Eller on this pedistal that everyone else seems to have already done, he worked well with Kostitsyn/Moen off and on but has not played very well with any one else, but if given the chance he will become a pretty good 2/3rd line center.
  16. Contrary to popular belief, gionta and pleks dont work that well together. Gomez and gionta should be together, put them with a power forward(see pouliot and pacioretty) and it can work. Two and a half men Bourque-Gomez-Gionta Leblanc-pleks-Armstrong prust-white-moen Pleks seems to get the shaft when it comes to line mates but heknows where he stands with this team. 1st PP 1st PK Two way center/team best forward/MVP
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