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  1. It would mean the world to me if some of you joined my Yahoo! Hockey pool. Let me know if you are interested!

  2. Awesome video of Fucale and Drouin, whose NHL teams will faceoff in the playoffs. I couldn`t find a youtube link, so It's on RDS. It`s also in french. http://www.rds.ca/vid%C3%A9os/une-amiti%C3%A9-%C3%A0-toute-%C3%A9preuve-3.959180
  3. Crisp already turns 20 today... (he got drafted at 19 years old?) I guess if he plays well enough in Hamilton until the end of the season, Bergevin could sign him and he could play in Hamilton as early as next season.
  4. Brisebois mentioned in passing during an interview that he was impressed with Didier's progression. Remember, he's a fourth round pick, which is still high enough. He could cause a few surprises. After reading a few recent articles, his style of play reminded me a bit of Josh Gorges... He gets a sick pride from blocking shots. However, contrary to Josh Gorges, he plays a very physical game and can jump into the offense from time to time. He's also the captain of his University of Denver team. He needs to be signed by June 1st 2015, so there's still time. Like I said, he could cause a few surprises.
  5. It's been interesting to see his game shift... People increasingly see him as a power forward, rather than an enforcer, which is great news for us. He's scored a couple of beauty's here in Sudbury. To me, he comes across as a power-forward who fights often.
  6. In a recent interview with RDS, he said he's hopeful he'll be back in shape and ready for next season. In case anyone is curious, he also said he lost a whopping 30 pounds while in his coma.... All the best, Tim. Hope to see you at camp.
  7. Lehkonen signed a two-year contract with Frolunda of the Swedish elite league. I believe that's the same team Collberg has been playing for. Judging by the way Collberg was used by this team, I'm not sure what to think of this...
  8. You must be excited about this signing, powerplay2009! The captain of your hometown team is now a step closer to playing for your favourite NHL team! I love Bennett's play, he's definitely one of our great prospects on D. His old teammate Pateryn should help him ease the transition for him!
  9. 24.6% chance for the leafs to make the playoffs compared to 99.8% chance for my habs, according to sportsclubstats. Life is good.

    1. kinot-1


      I'm surprised it's that high. The leafs chances that it.

    2. 31Careyprice


      Well I woud love too see the leafs embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs

  10. When we acquired him at the trade deadline, I told myself that the success's of this team and the chemistry he develops with his linemates would determine whether or not he would re-sign with the team. The team has been playing great hockey since he joined and the the chemistry he seems to have developed with Patches and Desharnais is great to see. I also think he really enjoys playing at the Bell Centre (seems to love coming out during the three stars announcement). I hope he considers making Montreal his home. He's already a fan favorite.
  11. 7 points (2G, 5A) in 2 playoff games so far for Reway.
  12. That's great news! Looks like he made it out! I'm not very fond with the long-term effect of meningitis... Obviously, he's out for the season. That I'm sure of. But because of this incident, could this mean that his hockey career is potentially over? Either way, what's important at the moment is that he gets back to normal!
  13. Just a tragic week in hockey... sending positive vibes out to the Trafford, Peverly, Bozon and Stajan families.

  14. There haven't been any updates in the last 3 days regarding Tim's conditions... I hate to be a pessimist, but usually no news is bad news.
  15. RDS said that his condition is potentially deadly. This is some sad, sad stuff. I hope he pulls through.
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