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  1. It would mean the world to me if some of you joined my Yahoo! Hockey pool. Let me know if you are interested!

  2. 24.6% chance for the leafs to make the playoffs compared to 99.8% chance for my habs, according to sportsclubstats. Life is good.

    1. kinot-1


      I'm surprised it's that high. The leafs chances that it.

    2. 31Careyprice


      Well I woud love too see the leafs embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs

  3. Just a tragic week in hockey... sending positive vibes out to the Trafford, Peverly, Bozon and Stajan families.

  4. The enigma that is Brady Vail... only time will solve it.

  5. Last thing habs need is a goaltender from Quebec potentially playing as the number one goalie for a team in the same division! Damn it leafs!

    1. kinot-1


      They still need some defence.

  6. The sun is out, the warm spring air is about, while the birds shout. Spring is here without a doubt. It smells like playoffs!

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    2. beaubie


      No spring in Toronto today, that's for sure. But I do appreciate the poetry :P

    3. Inquisitive


      haha fair enough :P

  7. Bournival has illustrated himself in the bulldogs' first game. Who will be the hero of the next game?

  8. Phillipe Lefebcre sent down to Cincinatti, Bobby Farnham released from his tryout. 28 players remain, who gets cut next?

  9. Who here remembers the defenceman Paul Ranger?

    1. Inquisitive


      Yep, wouldn't it make a great story if he made the NHL again one day? I remember him being one of the elite defenceman.