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  1. Forever Habs....Those are some sweet pics! That's so cool you got to meet him and that he was nice. I live in New Jersey, right outside of Philly, and a lot of the Philadelphia athletes are real jerks (most notably the Phillies and Eagles...I won't even get started on my Shane Victorino and Desean Jackson encounters, lets just say both are not really nice people), but it is cool to see LeBlanc represents the Habs in a good way by taking time to take a photo or two with you and your family. That had to be a huge thrill for you and the little one. I'd be talking about that for the next month!
  2. I really like this signing: as people have already pointed out this is basically Dominic Moore for $600 k. He's not Ovechkin: he's not going to score 50 a year, but for $600 K we're not asking him to, we just want him to play smart hockey, show some grit, be a leader and score some goals here or there. And he's a righty. He's a very smart player. I love it. It does make you wonder where Darche is going to play. I like all the players so much, I wonder where everyone fits. Habs 101 had some good line combinations, so I'll stick with that. And if there is ever a place with a fan base that "breaths" hockey, this is it. He came to the right place. Win us a Cup and we'll know who you are forever.
  3. 1.1 sounds like a good number to me. Call me crazy but I think if he calms down on his role of an annoyance and starts playing like he did in the playoffs, we have a very good player on our hands. Max is still young and has yet to reach his prime. Yet I really think this could be a make or break year for him, or at the very least the next two years could be make or break for Max. I think he's going to find his game.
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