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  1. I say he deserves a full year that includes and off-season. If MB is fired though, I'd say its 50/50 he stays on
  2. you're right! That's probably what it was
  3. i dont mind losing him, but I still think we could have gotten a pick, a lot of teams were interested
  4. I agree its a long shot, but the hope is that Weber and Price will be better in the playoffs and give us an off chance of winning. I'm just saying, either go for it or rebuild, our key guys are over the hill.
  5. no taylor hall and we lost Mete for nothing. Why couldn't we trade him for a pick? It's crazy!
  6. We really couldn't have offered a 2nd and a mid level prospect for Hall... seems weird. Like if we're going to go for it, than go for it. Price and Weber aint getting any younger so if we're no rebuilding we need to win now. This was a mistake by MB
  7. I agree Stall should be no more than a 4th line guy I didn't like the Perry signing but boy has he proved me wrong. He has so much poise and patience and just makes it look easy. Always subtly making the right play. I'd re-sign him to another one year deal if he was interested
  8. yeah we should have got something for Mete
  9. I don't understand this move. It's a really a pitty to lose the 5th round pick
  10. apparently we have Jon Merril https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/canadiens-acquire-defenceman-jon-merrill-red-wings/ I'm calling it now, we win the cup!
  11. well, I mean I expect good charcther guys to want to play more. Playing him less is on coaching, not Weber himself
  12. Personally I still think he's worth keeping. But in any case, I don't see him retiring until his salary drops which would be after next year (drops to 3 million) or the year after (drops to 1 million). We won't be in much of a cap crunch to next 2 years anyway, we can re-sign the guys we want
  13. Brian Wilde is a weirdo. He even called barstool mispgynist. I'm sorry but as much as I recognize Weber hasn't been good, I value him much more that I do Mete. If Weber was being waived than you'd have to sit him, and I going to go out on a limb here and say that he's still one of our top 6 d men
  14. I know! if this was 2010 we'd be cup champs for sure
  15. he should have played last game. i dont why there so hesitant to try him for a game
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