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  1. i think it should be Poehling too, this is only a worthwhile endeavour if we give our young kids the experience
  2. im for it NOW because I just heard the draft lottery is going to happen June 26, and the "play-in" teams (including Montreal) are still part of the lottery. Now i can daydream about winning the lottery AND the stanley cup!
  3. That 2007 draft was monster, a couple of drafts like that and your whole team is turned around
  4. We seem to draft well in later rounds but miss in the first. MB wanted to draft Morgan Reilly in his first draft, but the scouting team wanted Galchenyuk. For a while, it looked like they made the right decision but not anymore. We've had a lot of bad first-round picks, that much is certain.
  5. I would be pretty surprised if he isn't back
  6. I'd certainly move one of them, but it depends on what you're getting back. I'm also not sold that there are teams looking to move defenseman I like MB (unlike everyone else on the forum) but he basically did everything wrong in 2017, and Drouin for Sergachev was part of that unmitigated disaster
  7. I'm not interested in half measures for LD. Either we get the guy or we don't. From what I can tell its Krug as a UFA, Sergacev as an RFA or through trade, but I'm never sure who is actually available
  8. you might be right but I think Romanov is already better than Mete. We do need to sign or trade for an LD
  9. Don't forget Romanov too Krug is definitely someone I would love to sign but Boston should have the cap space to re-sign. At this point it seems like we'll have an opportunity to offer him something. I'd pay a lot for Krug and he may listen if had a good relationship with CJ
  10. The people who ridiculed him were stupid If he thinks there might be a chance with someone, I think he will try again
  11. 6.5 i think would be worth it. Its a bit of an overpay but you gotta hope he takes another step
  12. I disagree on overpaying but I think most RFAs are looking to get paid the most. For sure he'll take taxes into account but if negotiations don't go well in Tampa, I'd see him signing whomever gave him the most money. I don't think Aho WANTED to come here but he wanted his money first and foremost
  13. I think the odds are always against offer sheets but I see no reason in not trying, including Sergachev I don't think its winning to overpay for a guy and then fork over a bunch of draft picks. How is that ever going to be a good thing? RFAs might be worth overpaying a little, after all they are young and could be ready to take the next step but there's a limit. Sergachev at 5 or even 6 might scare off Tampa enough, especially if Cap doesn't increase enough. If I'm going to spend 8 million, might as well do it in the UFA market and keep my picks
  14. I'm not paying Sergachev 8.4 million. We would be giving up a 1, 2 and 3 for a bad contract I'm all for offer sheets but I'm not for overpaying a guy so the former team doesn't match