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  1. I agree on the drafting. I do feel like it might be turning around. MB seems to be a good judge of talent and I think he's making more decisions. If I remember correctly he wanted Morgan Reilly instead of Chucky. Would have been the right move.
  2. He shoots left. I would sign him to a 1 year 1 million dollar deal. There's no risk and we don't have an answer at LD right now. He could probably help us on the powerplay and who knows. He's certainly not better than Weber or Petry
  3. how many trades happen this time of year? Who is even realistically available? Maybe t the trade deadline but til then, I dont see it
  4. its not happening. This was an actual possibility. I don't forsee any trades for LHD, I don't know why ppl still think it will happen. Hope youre right
  5. he'd probably be our best right winger
  6. Yeah it sounds unlikely to be us
  7. Yes but we could have easily afforded that and 2 years is perfect for us
  8. Okay, see I've been waiting for a reason to actually be mad at MB, and now I have an actual reason Gusev traded to Devils for 2nd and 3rd. Signs 2 year 4.5 million dollar deal. Why couldn't we do this!? https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1804245
  9. Im in! We don't have a sure solution to the problem. He could suprise. One year deal, I would sign him unless we have other plans
  10. That;s why MB gets unfairly criticized for not doing enough. People think everyone is available and for cheap
  11. ah I wasn't aware of his injury history see but for the habs, this should be an opportunity. Offer him 5 years, if he gets injured its on IR
  12. why the hesitation though? He's a young guy, I don't seem him suddenly slowing down. I'm much more worried about the cap hit itself than the length
  13. Looks better than I thought. Seems to have some mobility, he doesn't appear to be a pylon (the way he handled puck at blue line). How is his passing and skating? If he's even average, he's a good pick up Having another shot will help our power play, it will be harder to cover both points
  14. I don't know if we have the money after the 3.5 million signing (i dont even remember his name). Yeah i mean he's 28 i think? I would have given him term but would be more comfortable at ~6 million. I'm under the impression that he's waiting to see if Marner stays with leafs
  15. Its okay. Anyway, the cap space is needed AFTER the 2 years so its really completely safe