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  1. There really aren't any reasons not to get the vaccine. I've yet to hear a good reason for anybody. I can forgive being a bit gun shy at first but there's no excuse anymore
  2. The type of person who won't get a vaccine, I suspect is not the type of person you want as your coworker. At the bare minimum there's and intelligence problem. Yeah i agree probably doesn't have to much value. But I wouldn't have invited him to camp
  3. Ylonen won't get the vaccine!? Trade him, we have no room for people like him in our locker room
  4. yeah, if anything I have a bit of an issue with signing a Hoffman when you could have had Dvorak even before KK was leaving but I guess they want to give the young guys a chance. I think in the end it will work out for us best this way
  5. we play them 3 times, I really don't understand NHL scheduling
  6. now that's exactly what I'd like to see happen. Then Habs can pick him up as a UFA! I think a lot will depend on what KK wants but if I were his agent and we were strictly talking dollars and cents, if there's no long-term deal, there is no reason to take less than 5 million
  7. I wonder how much he'll get on his next deal... could actually be a reaonable fit for us
  8. its not just 1 overpaid year though, we could have lost him for nothing or keep paying him 6, unless KK wanted to multi-year deal but we would be negotiating with that hanging over our heads I think Dvorak is already a 5-5.5 million dollar player who is on a very nice contract
  9. You're right in the long run he may have made an error but you gotta take the money now. Aside for the $20 singing bonus I would do everything KK did. He's now set himself up for life and worst case scenario he's a free agent at 22
  10. I know Big losers: Canes Small losers: Habs Big winner: KK
  11. I like Dvorak and I think he's better than KK RIGHT NOW. In the future who knows, but Dvorak is a 2-3 center who isn't getting any better realistically. KK still has the chance to improve. On aggregate I think Montreal loses a little overall but it was the best thing to do given the offersheet
  12. I agree, I said early on that this offersheet hurts the Habs. MB almost exactly what I was hoping to do (including prtecting the pick if its top 10) but in the end we still come out like losers. We are the same or slightly better today, but we lost a whole lot of potential, and that counts. Given that they made the OS, I like where we ended up though
  13. yeah I've seen teams do that all the time. They can still easily trade it
  14. ah yes, you're right, although this is also the possibility that we move up, if Carolina ends up being a top 10 pick. Could have two picks in the lottery yeah I think Dvorak is the better player now than KK BUT I would have prefered to keep KK given he has the higher ceiling but given the circumstances of the offer, I think this ended up working out okay, I'm pretty happy
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