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  1. Yes i think i like those lines
  2. I highly doubt any of them end up as good as Huberdeau. He'd be the best forward on our team and likely our #1 C
  3. except can you imagine what would happen if a female athlete said the same thing? Just saying
  4. i'd give up almost anything for Huberdeau. He's young enough that its okay to move a prospect. Except maybe Romanov Especially Poehling cause I worry he will be a free agent and go elsewhere
  5. well it is some return and they aren't going anywhere. I imagine it was the best deal they could get for him
  6. oh I didn't realize we were getting back a pick. Then im fine with it, nice move
  7. Mismanaged for so long. And Puljujarvi is looking like another Yakupov You can add Jeff Petry, Justin Schultz, and Devan Dubnyk to the players they should still have. But hey they signed Lucic!
  8. I don't like it. I know its just a 5th but Gallagher was a 5th! What's he going to do for us really?
  9. but if they dont get this fixed, he may want to leave
  10. I don't think they will trade Sekera, they need him. Maybe we can take on one of their contracts and get a pick for our troubles but they don't NEED to do anything, they have a solution
  11. I'm curious how that relates to other 4th lines though. I would assume a poor corsi
  12. agreed. Small but good deal
  13. we got rid schlemko, is Schlemko more useful than Weise? Its a nothing trade but I think we are slightly better
  14. I am so excited for this game!!!!! Hey Weise played good here and absolutely nose dived when he left. I have to thing that he'll play better than he has when he returns. Some players need that pressure
  15. shaw is playing tonight I mean I think Weise is more useful than Schlemko right now Nothing to really love or hate about this deal. I'm mostly neutral but probably a little more positive than negative