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  1. they cant do more than half
  2. because he has 2 years left, it would have to be half his salary but i would be interested
  3. Krug is better, if the trade comes with an understanding that there is an extension, im 100% for it. I just don't think Boston will trade Krug to a division rival
  4. Ghost has more value because of his contract but i would prefer Krug... but i dont see how Boston and Montreal make a deal like that I definitely believe that they are trying to move Krug and don't want too much salary back. Both Carlo and McAvoy are RFAs this year, and Krug only has a year left
  5. only one year remaining on his deal, unless we are sure to re-sign, I wouldnt give up much
  6. Domi (but I hope JK)
  7. yeah i wouldn't trade Romanov either
  8. I wouldn't trade both Shaw and Byron. I'd trade one and one of lehkonen/armia, maybr throw in a pick. No more
  9. lol at gardening accident I think we may have surprises at 15, who knows. I am convinced that Byram goes #3 but that;s certainly not the consensus
  10. Me too but at least its actually a position of need
  11. He's had one good year that wasn't a contract year. The rest are okay, but they are second line center numbers. And I just don't trust a guy who suddenly plays so well when his contract is up. He's about himself
  12. Exactly, without signing a bad contract. I was wanting Gardiner at one point but have changed my mind but still rather than Duchene
  13. Agreed!
  14. Matt Duchene, who everyone thinks is the second coming. Look at his stats and ignore his 2 contract years, he's shit
  15. 1. Domi 2. Kotkaniemi