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  1. I know we all want to trade Drouin but I don't think it will happen. In fairness to him, if he played like he did in the first half, I don't think we would want to get rid of him
  2. Okay but were definitely not getting Klefbom and the 8th overall for Drouin. A mid level pick coming or going but nothing more
  3. I agree on Kassian, I'm talking about the pick and Klefbom. I just don't think they would ever do that for Drouin. The value is WAY off. If we traded Drouin for Klefbom alone it would be a steal. I would do Drouin and OUR first for Klefbom!
  4. I dont think they would make a trade like that. It would be an insane steal for us
  5. The contract is not a bad one at all, but it's too expensive of cap hit for the leafs to take on, so I don't see it happening. If we trade Webber (and I don't want to) it will be to a team who isn't a cap team because they will save money in actual dollars and still get a top pairing defenseman. If Gardiner is going to get 6-7 AAV, and Karlsson and Doughty are going to be at 11 million next year... Webber is a damn good deal!
  6. no! The people who don't want him are right. Every time I see him he's coughing up the puck. Forget that Thing is, if you make that deal, you don't have the money for an FA because you're adding Neal's cap hit. I still might make that trade though
  7. I dont see them trading Klefbom but when it comes to Edmonton, I have no idea what they will do. It's just a mess
  8. I'd be fine with that but only if they move Drouin in a reciprocating move, for a LD
  9. I like this thinking https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2019/4/21/18412001/montreal-canadiens-trade-speculation-left-shot-defenceman-noah-juulsen-for-kale-clague-brook-fleury
  10. I love Benn, I hope they sign him. I think part of the disliking of Benn is what we think his contract will look like and if it will stifle the younger players. Benn is a great bottom pairing d man, you don't pay bottom pairing d men big money. If his AAV isn't ~1.5 then no, we can't keep him. But if it is, I don't see what the issue is in signing him. As for letting young guys play, Alzner is in the minors, if that doesn't give you confidence that young guys will play IF they are actually ready, then I don't know what will. I heard the same whining about Plekanec, and did it stop young guys from playing? No.
  11. They're going to have to let someone go. They should have traded Nylander for D
  12. I'm pretty sure that I read that every Penguin is available except Crosby and Malkin. There is no way they are being moved. Given that Primeau is the best and only goaltending prospect not eligible for the expansion draft, I would rather keep him. He can start off as a good backup for Price and in a couple of years, if he is good enough they can be a tandem. That's when you can make the decision on moving him. I like Kadri, it's just what are we going to give up to get him? Plus I like our centers right now. I know we can move Domi to the wing, but I worry he may not be as effective on the wing. I really want to build from within and only focus on signing or trading for good LD
  13. true but if we aren't protecting them, I'd say we might want think about moving one of them if we can and start thinking of that now
  14. I'm doing this late but I'm going to go with Think: Vegas Want: Jets (Vegas a close second)
  15. everyone is for the bruins over the leafs right? I know they are both our rivals but I truly hate the leafs, its not even a question for me