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  1. I think you're making the mistake a lot of people are making here; counting your chickens before they hatch. KK looks like he could become a top 2 center but he's not there yet and there is no guarantee. Suzuki is actually doing it and doing it now, it's clear he's a star, I don't feel the same about KK and I don't think anyone should. PLD is at about Suzuki's level; he's already doing it, there is way less risk with him. There are lots of players with high ceilings that never amount to anything in this league. KK could easily just remain what he is now, a middle 6 center. Caufield may never score a goal in the NHL, you talk about his high ceiling but at his size, his floor is in the basement. Of course, I'm hoping for more out of these guys and am a fan of them personally but if I can get PLD, I make that move.
  2. I don't see why we couldn't include Norlinder or Caufield + KK in a deal for Dubois. I agree on everyone else being untouchable and we don't need Dubois, if that's not enough than move on
  3. As much as I would love to see PLD asap, I just don't see it happening in season. If a trade occurs it will happen during the offseason
  4. i actually like and have hope for KK but to compare him to Dubois, honestly i think anyone who thinks KK is better or will be better than Dubois, should no longer be taken seriously. Its just crazy
  5. nope, sorry the guy played like shit last year outside of the bubble and he didn't do all that well in Finland most recently. KK will never be more the a middle 6 guy
  6. in what world does KK project to be as good or better!?!? COULD it happen, sure! Is it likely? HELL NO!
  7. Columbus needs a center. KK is the obvious choice, MAYBE if we're lucky, they would take Danault on a sign and trade but that would have to be done now, not in the offseason. Danault could be an option but we would have to load it up with picks and prospects no one is trading Suzuki, it's not even worth discussing KK is in no way a sure thing so i would absolutely trade him for Dubois and it has nothing to do with him being French
  8. Kypreos says Dubois first choice is to play in Montreal. Suzuki is untouchable, but I would move KK for him. Problem is, we couldn't get him under the cap. My dream trade: Danault, Byron, Caufield, and every Habs pick in the next draft, all 7, we just keep the ones we have from other teams. God, I'm drooling. Imagine Suzuki and Dubois for the next 10+ years!
  9. yes, exactly
  10. sad, but we had to waive him. Another first-round pick fail but in this case, it really was just injury and bad luck. I wish Juulsen well
  11. I don't think trading for him makes sense for us until maybe the end of the season when we have a better idea of JK and Suzuki and if Danault is stayting. However, Dubois is NOT a UFA in 2 years, he'll be an arbitration-eligible RFA.
  12. At least we know it's leaves and not leafs... idiots!
  13. see if you can roster just the 20 you ice (which you can because the taxi squad is with the team at all times this year) I think it does change things. For example, we may want to move on from Byron and Weal, well if there are no takers, you can move them in and out of the taxi squad, if someone takes them off waivers, so be it! Although I really like Byron personally but I have to admit he's at least 1 mil overpaid. Saving 2 million by doing that and making them your two extra forwards is enough to not have to worry about the cap.
  14. In terms of the cap, I'm wondering if there are any rules forcing you to have a 23 man roster. We could easily go 20 men, and then have everyone else on the taxi squad, which doesn't count against the cap. I haven't been able to find any clarification on this. Cause if that's the case, we'll easily be under the cap doing nothing
  15. ugh, isn't this guy a bad character? I don't like him