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  1. yeah, if anything I have a bit of an issue with signing a Hoffman when you could have had Dvorak even before KK was leaving but I guess they want to give the young guys a chance. I think in the end it will work out for us best this way
  2. we play them 3 times, I really don't understand NHL scheduling
  3. now that's exactly what I'd like to see happen. Then Habs can pick him up as a UFA! I think a lot will depend on what KK wants but if I were his agent and we were strictly talking dollars and cents, if there's no long-term deal, there is no reason to take less than 5 million
  4. I wonder how much he'll get on his next deal... could actually be a reaonable fit for us
  5. its not just 1 overpaid year though, we could have lost him for nothing or keep paying him 6, unless KK wanted to multi-year deal but we would be negotiating with that hanging over our heads I think Dvorak is already a 5-5.5 million dollar player who is on a very nice contract
  6. You're right in the long run he may have made an error but you gotta take the money now. Aside for the $20 singing bonus I would do everything KK did. He's now set himself up for life and worst case scenario he's a free agent at 22
  7. I know Big losers: Canes Small losers: Habs Big winner: KK
  8. I like Dvorak and I think he's better than KK RIGHT NOW. In the future who knows, but Dvorak is a 2-3 center who isn't getting any better realistically. KK still has the chance to improve. On aggregate I think Montreal loses a little overall but it was the best thing to do given the offersheet
  9. I agree, I said early on that this offersheet hurts the Habs. MB almost exactly what I was hoping to do (including prtecting the pick if its top 10) but in the end we still come out like losers. We are the same or slightly better today, but we lost a whole lot of potential, and that counts. Given that they made the OS, I like where we ended up though
  10. yeah I've seen teams do that all the time. They can still easily trade it
  11. ah yes, you're right, although this is also the possibility that we move up, if Carolina ends up being a top 10 pick. Could have two picks in the lottery yeah I think Dvorak is the better player now than KK BUT I would have prefered to keep KK given he has the higher ceiling but given the circumstances of the offer, I think this ended up working out okay, I'm pretty happy
  12. well its like trading KK and a 2nd, for Dvorak and a 3rd
  13. I love this trade. I really wanted the 1st to be lottery protected. If they both miss the playoffs we have doube the chance to get a lottery pick
  14. Even Bergevin announces no other moves, take a look at how many picks we have this year and its a few years like this https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canadiens
  15. lol whatever happens, this has been fun! There should be more offfersheets!
  16. I know its the sort of think that SOUNDS worse that it is. Most people believe its somewhere on the internet and will never go away but its notlike that. If this was "revenge porn" I would not be so sympathetic, as that is an absolute cruel thing to do to someone. But its not that, it just sort of sounds like that
  17. everyone critisizing MB but this is the real complaint we should have. We missed on Tkachuk and Hughes. That was the error. He's not REALLY a 3rd overall pick and should have never been
  18. I think they were just trying to get a good deal with the threat of the OS. It was always to screw over the habs primarily. If I were them and was going to do that, I would have waited for Suzuki or Caufield
  19. yeah I always feel weird about people outside the justice system, where you don't have a court to defend yourself in, deciding punishment for people. If we want to change the justice system, I'm all for it. I'd like to see people given more second chances and not making a capital case out of everything but I'd also like to see more serious punishment for serious crimes. But anyway, whatever it is each of us wants, it should be a political issue that we decide democratically. It's weird to me that other entities get to give out punishment
  20. I know its a hockey forum and not a politics/ethics/law forum but we've really entered a ne world of demonizing people as if we don't all make stupid mistakes in our life. Its like we can't talk about these important issues with finding "bad guys" to obliterate hey I can only speak for myself but I feel it neccessary to say that I've done some stupid things in my life that I regret and while it wasn't really anything to do with wha Logan did, he is no more EVIL than I am. So if the world wants to throw him under the bus, they should do the same to me
  21. I've made it pretty clear I don't want them to match but one thing in favor of matching that I didn't think of before is club-elected arbitration. I'm not 100% on this but I believe that the team could force arbitration rather than a 6 million dollar qualifying offer. If this is the case then it changes my perspective a bit. I'd still rather move on, especially if we can trade for someone else. I actually like Dvorak a lot and he seems like an all situation player. I'd give up the first and third for him if the first is lottery protected
  22. Gallant isn't french (despite the french name) and he doesn't speak french I'm NOT saying KK is a BUST. But he's not a 3rd overall pick. He's a mid round first round talent who hasn't improved very much in 3 years. If I saw something in his game, but I haven't at all. But we made the playoffs 6 times out of 9 years, we didn't miss 8 years of playoffs
  23. we didn't miss the playoff the first 8 years of MBs tenure. We made the conference finals one year and the finals just recently. That's better than most teams. I don't know what you're talking about Suzuki is CLEARLY better then KK and KK has consistently had good wingers and power play time Well the real world dictates they do need to be French. I should be dating Megan Fox but its not gonna happen and it is what it is. Gallant is not a GM, Briserois maybe but much of his success could really be due to Yzerman. Yzerman is a great GM. Holland, Blake, McCrimmon????? WADDELL!!!!? after what he just did!? He's not even the real GM of the team, its the owner! I've always love Lamoriello but he values vets and low balls rookies. Dubas? The leafs would have won a cup had they kept Lamoriello! I think its a very poor list
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