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  1. i think this season is the end, if we don't find a way to succeed, i hope we finally rip it apart and rebuild
  2. yeah i agree, im done with Price. He needs to be on the bench most games until he figure his shit out
  3. ha i forgot that, fans must be pissed right now I know he's not exactly young anymore but I still always get the feeling that Armia is capable of breaking out
  4. hmmm i mean its just the first game, but I don't like scratching Evans
  5. I'm a big MB fan (a rarity here) but I think he's on a short leash. I think his contract runs out at the end of next year, and if we don't have a positive season, he may be a lame duck next year. If we do lose MB I think Molson should find a GM willing to blow it up
  6. I just don't think it will be easy to buy at the deadline with how little cap space we have
  7. I missed the presser, anyone know if its available somewhere?
  8. I don't know how you fix this team with a 10.5 million dollar goalie who plays like he no longer belongs in the league
  9. I don't know how I feel about this move. I feel like its too soon. Now we have a rookie head coach
  10. cant believe that goal was disallowed Price is done
  11. you know Gordie Howe only had 2 Gordie Howe hat tricks in his career
  12. he's not going anywhere with that contract. Its just sad
  13. How do the sens look this good against us? It's pathetic
  14. is Weber trying to miss the net? Serious question, is he looking for tips? because he seems to be missing a lot! Anyway it worked this time
  15. what happened to this team? I know Vancouver sucks but this team was just better at the start of the season
  16. I dont know why people keep saying this. It CJ who coached us passed the Penguins. If I'm not mistaken muller won one game
  17. The two no brainers to be are bringing Romanov up the lineup and bringing Danault down. But I think CJ will do that soon enough if this keeps up
  18. I think its too early to be thinking seriously of a new coach, they're in a slump but have managed to win a few games. I don't see CJ losing his job unless its at the end of the season
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