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  1. It appears that with 2 assists last night Drouout finally Drouin to the series. From Sportsnet: “I thought he had a really good game tonight,” said Muller. “And he did because he played with passion. He was involved, he was on the puck, he had the puck, and those type of players — that’s what they need; they need to be involved and feeling good with it. So if Drou participates the way he did here tonight in the game, much more involved, I think he’s going to get good results. Because of what he did in his commitment tonight he was a good hockey player and he was a big part of that win tonight.” Those words by Muller speak volumes in my opinion. He had success because he played with passion and got involved. So, reading between the lines, he’s been a lazy floater up until this game.
  2. Except Detroit, but luckily for us that is not a concern.
  3. This is a classic Trump deflection move to try to pass the buck for his stubborn stupidity. The WHO was warning world leaders to take this virus seriously LONG before they declared it a pandemic. The day they did declare it a pandemic they were criticized for doing so and defending their decision on the basis that leaders were not taking their previous warnings serious enough.
  4. You really shouldn't speak so moistly.
  5. Well...say what you will about the Habs but at least we haven't lost to a "42 year old zamboni driver who works for us". LOL This video is hilarious.
  6. What exactly is meant by "future is in question"? Could this be career ending? If so, what happens to his salary and, more importantly, the cap hit?
  7. You know what I admire about the Boston Bruins and Brad Marchand? Wait. Who just wrote that? Somebody slap me. But seriously, I was really impressed this summer when Marchand said something along the line of, if you're looking at coming to the Boston Bruins and hoping to cash in big, you're looking at the wrong organization. But, if you're looking to come to a team that's about winning, then you're looking in the right spot. I respect that. Carey Price can make all the comments he wants about not wanting to be one of those players that never wins a Stanley Cup but he certainly did all he could to take up as much of the salary cap as possible. If winning is priority number one, why not leave a little on the table with the likes of the Bruins players and even Sydney Crosby so that he can actually be surrounded by a talented supporting cast? Now, I'm as big a Carey Price fan as anyone and actually don't know how I'd feel if he were traded, but I think his contract may come back to haunt him. If I remember correctly, I believe Luongo joked about it, from experience, when the contract was signed. Carey needs to take ownership for his part in this year's failure and focus on his own game.
  8. For many reasons already stated, I think trying to tank is a mistake. I'm also not sold on selling off our veterans. You need those guys to mentor your youth. The more I think about it, we have been swimming in mediocracy for so long either because of our drafting or our development of players or maybe both. When I look at other teams around the league that are contenders they all have guys that are key pieces to their team that were drafted either late in the first round or later. Take Tampa for example. Nikita Kucherov wasn't drafted until the second round while Brayden Point was drafted in the third round. Or what about Pittsburgh? Jake Guentzel was a third round pick. Now let's take a look at our selections of the last decade Back in 2009 we selected Louis Leblanc at pick 18. Here are some guys after that pick: Chris Kreider immediately after at 19, Marcuss Johansson at 24 or, better yet still, Ryan O'Reilly at pick 33. In 2010 we selected Jarred Tinordi at pick 22. After him: Kuznetzov at 26, Brock Nelson at 30 or Justin Faulk at 37. In 2011 we selected Nathan Beaulieu at pick 17. And after him, well...among others, the most notable is the aforementioned Nikita Kucherov. In 2012 at third overall we selected Galchenyuk. We all know how that worked out although we do have Domi now as a result. In 2013 we selected McCarron at pick 25. Outside of the top 9 that seems to be a bit of a weak draft year, however, as mentioned above, Guenztel was pick at the 77 spot. He has 9 less points than Drouin (3rd) in 100 less games. In 2014 we selected Nikita Scherbak at 26. I was excited for this guy after seeing his WHL numbers but clearly he was a bust. Again, that was the year that Point was selected at number 79. I'll do one more. In 2015 we selected Noah Juulsen with the 26th pick. Selected after him with the 35th pick was Sebastian Aho. Remember him? Now I know hind sight is always 20/20 and I know more draftees are busts rather than stars but our record is pathetic. The only real diamond in the rough we have is Brendan Gallagher. So, what does this speak to? Are we just really bad at drafting or, if not, our ability to develop players is just absolute garbage.
  9. Agree. It's easy to sit at home and suggest a trade should go a particular way but in reality, you need a dance partner to dance. Just because fans think/thought Subban had a particular value doesn't make it so.
  10. So then, is it safe to say this trade should no longer be mentioned as a blunder by MB?
  11. Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations for Montreal? Preferably in the vicinity of the Bell Centre.
  12. I like this statement. One abysmal game does not mean the sky is falling. All teams slump. It's how they respond that matters most. I believe that this team does have, for lack of a better word, character. As much as that loss stings as a fan, I'm sure it stings more for most of the guys in that locker room. You know guys like Domi, Gallagher, Weber, Price etc. will now be playing with a chip on their shoulder. It may be perfect that this happened just before Tuesday against the Bruins. The boys should be hungry. At least that's my "glass half full" take on it.
  13. This thread seems perfect for my newb question. I'm taking the family to Montreal over the holidays to catch a game. What do I need to know about taking them to the morning skate? Does that happen at the Bell Centre or elsewhere? What time does the skate occur? Is there an admission fee? Etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.