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  1. When MB makes his press conference after letting KK go, he should say that he just couldn't match the aggressive signing bonus.
  2. I don't see how they can NOT let KK go. KK does not deserve that salary and if they sign him to 6.1 mil, what does that mean for Suzuki next year? Letting him walk sends a message that if you sign and offer sheet as a negotiating tactic, be prepared to play for that team. Now, this may be what KK wants anyway, but there's no reason to believe NS doesn't want to be a Hab long term. The same goes for Caufield two years from now. As for KK, he better have a good season regardless of where he ends up. If he plays like crap, or even mediocre really, he will likely find himself a UFA and taking much less.
  3. I like JK but I think that MB should just let him go. Teams get burned way too much overpaying for potential.
  4. Any idea how much cap space is still available?
  5. DD deserves to be the head coach. I believe this is what the players would want as well. They really seemed to rally for him.
  6. I agree. Cautiously optimistic. I will say that there is no reason to believe they can't pull it off. This has been an exciting run so far.
  7. I thought it was confirmed that the refs from this games were also going to officiate game 6?
  8. Yup. Even Craig Button calling it like it is https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/button-habs-victory-wasn-t-just-luck-they-deserve-credit-for-finding-a-way-to-win~2224064
  9. After seeing the big deal that was made earlier this year when we played our first game in forever without a French Canadian player, I understand the Drouin trade. I don't like it or agree with it but I understand it. I think that the unfortunate reality of this team is that it is handcuffed by politics. I would imagine there would be backlash in certain circles if word got out that he could have had Drouin and didn't make a trade for him. Again, I don't agree with it but I think it is the sad reality. On another note, he has made some mistakes, like you said. Some bigger than others. But what GM doesn't? I think most of those big mistakes were in his earlier years with the team. Looking back I think hiring MT as head coach was perhaps his greatest mistake.
  10. Fun Fact: Joel Armia has 5 goals in this years playoffs. He makes 2.6 million per year. Mitch Marner has 5 playoff goals throughout a total of 32 playoff games. He makes 10.6 million per year.
  11. I also agree and I would add that I don't believe management owes any explanation DURING the playoffs. It's like showing your hand in a poker match. I get that it can be frustrating for the fans but telling us also tells the opponents. This holds true for injuries as well. Vague makes sense. Perhaps there is something that they are seeing that they don't like. To blab that to the media would do no good. It could only lower his trade value. Obviously that's a big IF that I hope is not true. I'd like to see this young guy succeed as a Hab.
  12. Well from what I've seen on this forum, if it were four goals against, everyone would blame you.
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