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  1. Avatar I had given this movie a 9 but after having seen a few more movies since, I want to bump it to a 10
  2. Who Dat? Pas les Colts mais les Saints avec autorité. Tu as bien choisi
  3. She's up now, I can make some noise again. Hope to be making some noise shortly after 2pm eastern time
  4. Right now, I'm listening to alot of grunting from Djokovic and Tsonga in the semis of the Austalian Open.
  5. Black Eyed Peas- I got a feeling, tonight's going to be a good night
  6. Les Saints devraient remercier les arbitres pour les décisions en leur faveur en prolongation. Go Colts Go
  7. Kansas-How Long to the Point of No Return? (directed to Maple Leafs) Now that's a cheap shot!
  8. ...Just went to YouTube to watch that tying goal against Boston. Still get shivers up and down my spine watching it. Reliving the dream baby! Nobody can ever take that memory away from me.
  9. I was at the ACC back in 2008 for the Hall of Fame game. I was cheering every bone crushing hit by Homosarek (that's his new name) on the Toronto players. I was standing up and singing the OLE OLE OLE OLE song with all of the other Habs fans and had a ball and not once did I get bothered by a Leafs fan. I was wearing my red jersey and my wife had her white one. Maybe the couple sitting next to you were the same ones I drove nuts all night by standing up for the 24 time Stanley Cup Champions and constantly reminding them of our teams past successes! Unfortunately, we lossed that night. :{ P.S. I'm probably one of the only if not the only person to ever go into the Leafs dressing room after a Habs/Leafs game with a Habs jersey on and live to tell about it! lol Thank you Brian Savage for making that happen for me!
  10. Je suis: Richard Martin (same name as Buffalo's former sniper) Age: 48 Home: Sudbury, Ont. Fav. team: Habs fan for as long as I can remember Fav. player: Guy Lafleur Fav. present Habs player: Markov Fav. NHL player: Ovechkin Occupation: Industrial Electrician (mining) Best Habs Memory: Lafleur scoring the tying goal against Boston in the playoffs. Wish List: Vincent Lecavallier, Ilya Kovalchuk Fan of the 24 time Stanley Cup Champions: Priceless
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