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  1. My sister is marrying a "Leafs fan" whos cousin is Dion Phaneuf. :/ He's got a place here in Edmonton. Met him a few times, nice guy
  2. Ditto, ever since that hit, playoffs were the last thing on my mind I just hope Eller can recover well, and come back the player he was
  3. Tampa commentators just called the blocker a "stick glove"
  4. Hope Emelin's injury isn't serious According to Don, Lucic lifting his knee on Emelin is strong hockey play Although I don't think it's dirty or anything, it's not a strong hockey play ROFL Was just Lucic reacting
  5. Gonna be weird seeing Jagr in a Bruins jersey Go Habs Nice GDT btw
  6. Price made some HUGE saves in that period
  7. Just caught the last few minutes of that period,, MSG commentators,, apparently we have a player named Subon,, rofl;
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