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  1. 22 minutes ago, kinot-2 said:

    Just found it. this is her post. 


    "Didn't really know where else to post this but dang, I really miss you guys and this place. I'm definitely not as involved as I was before with hockey and I miss that but still cheering hard for the Habs. I've since dated a bruins fan and am dating a "leafs fan" who's best friend is a Sens fan so that gets interesting. I'm in Kitchener still. Working away as an RN. I hope you are all doing well.I also really miss doing GDT :( So maybe I'll try and get my butt on here to do some next season. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer :blush: "

    My sister is marrying a "Leafs fan" whos cousin is Dion Phaneuf. :/
    He's got a place here in Edmonton. Met him a few times, nice guy

  2. I have a good feeling about tonight.

    First off I am able to actually think about a hockey game, not just the health of one of our best young players - and Im sure thats doubly true for his teammates.

    But secondly, with the loss of Eller, Gio & Patches for tonight, the team is going to have to buckle down and play like a team - all system, patient etc. Who cares if you get 50 shots, if 40 of them are 1st shots, no rebounds, far out etc, you arent going to score much against Anderson.

    I think a 2-1 habs win is in order tonight. But we're going to need a big game from Carey.

    Ditto, ever since that hit, playoffs were the last thing on my mind

    I just hope Eller can recover well, and come back the player he was

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