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  1. NY announcers thought Prust should have gotten a penalty shot in their opinion
  2. It's gonna be very strange to not see him there. I don't think he was to blame for the Sabres though, watching them play against the Jets it was just turnover after turnover, nothing against the Jets, but Buffalo looked so very, very awful in that game. Hard to watch even..
  3. Great GDT, very nice Damm, was hoping for Dipietro =p Gonna be a fun game I had the exact same feeling, Have a weird feeling about this one tonight too, hopefully a good smart game for the 2 points
  4. I was there few years ago, lol, I thought they had a bunch of lights turned off for 'effect' or something Turns out they just had a bunch of burnt out lights.. I guess they could care less to replace them? xD
  5. Hello fellow enthusiasts of the Habs. Got in late, but I see Gally has us up by one,, Good game so far?
  6. Ha! Habs haven't looked so good in the 3rd so far this season.
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