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  1. I find the reffing especially comical tonight, as Bettman was on in between periods talking about how amazing his reffs are, and they get it right almost ALL the time.......
  2. I mean, I'd fit right in with Bergevin these days!!!
  3. Am I going insane or do I see Alzner playing Wing?
  4. There's a lot of first round draft picks being given up, it's disappointing we weren't able to pick one up.
  5. And now to wait and see if there were any trade calls pending when time ran out.
  6. Still 13 minutes plus extra time for some more moves? Right? Maybe?
  7. If it's a sellers market, doesn't seem like the buyers are liking the prices people have set.
  8. Confirmed that Bergevin was trying to keep on Kovalchuk's good side with the trade to the caps. Tweet from earlier John Lu ✔ @JohnLuTSNMtl #Habs Kovalchuk said that Bergevin got better offers from teams other than #Capitals, so he very much appreciated MB asking him about going to Washington.
  9. TSN Reporting that Thompson is going to the flyers for a 5th round pick.
  10. My only thought is they're trying to boost the Trade value of those 4th line guys prior to the deadline. They know what they have in Lehkonen, they want to keep him. However there's a bunch of 4th liners and other LW's who are on the chopping block, gotta play em to keep their value up.
  11. This actually almost made me spit out my Coffee this morning. It'd be funny if it wasn't so true....
  12. One of the few bright spots last night. And CJ seemed to notice and promoted him to 1st line duties because of it.
  13. Honestly, I think it's less that they're not afraid to play vs our 2nd, 3rd, 4th lines. It's that they're excited to play vs our Defense.
  14. I think a lot of that is confidence. But the way you build a guys confidence isn't by throwing him on the 4th line with your 'character' players. While ott and martinsen are big bodies they definitely can't anticipate it when Chucky makes a creative pass. Perhaps the reason he's holding onto the puck for so long is he sees what happens when he gets it to his line mates? No matter what you think of his effort he did manage the 2nd most shot attempts last night on the team with 7. Only pacioretty and weber had more; and they both had much more ice time.
  15. 3 M Line was good Chucky/Shaw/Lehkonen was good Davidson was a nice surprise the rest......................
  16. If there's a bright side to this game it's how Chucky is playing. Shaw and Lehkonen are getting him space and he's been making some great tape to tape passes. Now if the puck will just go in the net.....
  17. I was about to say that I feel like our #1 line has really been our worse line tonight. And then they finally get some sustained pressure. I guess I just need to start thinking about how bad people are playing to smarten them up? (I wish that was how it worked).
  18. Honestly, I haven't minded his play at center EXCEPT for the fact that he and Radulov seem very very very out of synch lately. Watching their zone entries of late they keep getting crossed up. Putting each other offside, getting in each others way. Maybe some time off center will help him, maybe it won't, but I don't mind getting those 2 off of the same line.
  19. Dirty Crosscheck from Kelly. Mitchell forced to take it into his own hands.
  20. That between the legs move from Chucky. We're really buzzing the last few minutes.
  21. For being 'bad' at face offs he's only a few % off of our other center's (using http://puckbase.com ) Galchenyuk (42.7%) Danault (50.3%) Plekanec (50%) McCarron (43.4%) Mitchell (54.5%) And lately there have been several nights where he's been around 75% in the circle. Not saying he's there yet, but he's not far from it.
  22. That back check though! Made some really good plays getting back defensively last night.
  23. This speaks for itself. http://imgur.com/gallery/lbPL301
  24. We've had the lead for 50 seconds tonight, on the bright side, we've never been behind.
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