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  1. From a systems point of view, I really dislike what I'm seeing on the ice. There is no quick attack in transition and we're being squeezed out to the boards game after game, while Therrien has no answer. Like, I don't actually see him making adjustments.

    Uh, the penalty kill hasn't been good. It's regressed substantially from last year. We used to be near the top of the league -- now we're middle of the pack. I don't know what "good team" means. Do you think we'll make the playoffs? I hope we do, but I doubt it. One hot start to the season isn't going to convince me that we've suddenly turned a corner.

    True, but the penalty kill hasn't strictly been bad. The real issue is we've been playing the wrong guys on it, like Armstrong. We have all the right ingredients to have a good one.

    My prediction is we squeeze in at 7th at 6th. And by good team, I don't mean a contender or a past-second-round playoff team. But a substantial step up from last year.

  2. Oversimplification. A win doesn't mean you played a great 60 minutes. We haven't been playing well for a number of games now. And the question isn't whether we can play better than this -- of course we can, all teams can -- it's whether we can consistently play better than this. Even the worst team in the league will go on a win streak now and again. Doesn't mean they're suddenly a playoff contender.

    The Florida, Washington, New Jersey and first Buffalo games ( and most of the second buffalo and second ottawa) were very good games. Admittedly, some of these teams weren't very good, but we were extremely dominant in possession and have been for most of the season since the first leafs game. Our power-play and penalty kill have continued to be good. And the only blowout loss we've suffered was a result of bad goaltending and poor discipline. Were not the greatest team, and we won't be a top playoff team for a long time. But in my opinion we're a good team.

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