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  1. Well....it would take away the whole size advantage for goalies....maybe...nah
  2. Instead of handing out penalties left and right, the NHL should make the nets as large as soccer ones. That'd make the game really interesting.
  3. Not a great first period, but it's 1-1 and hopefully we can come out in the 2nd a little more focused. Need to work on our passing and gaining the zone.
  4. Is it just me or is the puck getting lost in our skates way too much? And Pk time.
  5. You could say that he looks a little "Coled". Ba-dum-ching.
  6. Wow, it's like we're trying to lead the league in penalty minutes now.
  7. Time to get the first strike! Our power-play has looked good all-season and tonight should be no exception. Let's go habs! And as soon as I type that we score. Hooray!
  8. Hello There! Username: WinterNight Real Name: Brendan Where I live: Ottawa, ON Age: 25 Favourite Current Hab: Andrei Markov or Carey Price Favourite All-Time Hab: Vincent Damphousse Admittedly, the reason I became a habs fan was only because I hated the leafs, but I am proud to say that I'm now one for life!
  9. What we need here is a nice, solid three periods. We simply cannot allow errors for the sens to capitalize on. And our "top" line getting started points-wise would be nice too.
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