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  1. Well, even if he's streaky, he's not helping the team against the bruins. Maybe someone who really wants to be out there with some energy and emotion (like White) would be a better option than Vanek for this series.
  2. He should be sat for a game and see if that re ignites his desire. He isn't scoring, creating chances, hitting and really doesn't want to get hit. Looks either scared or just doesn't care, either way a benching couldn't hurt.
  3. I'd like to see what he could do in Hamilton next year.
  4. In all fairness it doesn't really seem like any of the three of them or Tokarski are going to get a legitamite shot here anyways, so why aren't we signing a goalie or two that might actually be in our future plans? Wouldn't that actually make more sense?
  5. No, we won't get consistancy, but we may get another apology from the league......cuz that'll help won't it???
  6. ty for the answer. I don't like two small guys on one line though.
  7. Does anyone know the lines and who's replacing them? Halpern and Dumont I assume but could be wrong.
  8. Let's see how he channels that emotion tonight then. Playing a great game tonight will bother that "walrus" more than Josh yelling at him from the ice.
  9. I think Gio is a good captain and a good player. He's good for the younger players. No, he's not the player he used to be, but neither is Moen,Boullion or Markov for that matter, and I believe DD, Patches and Ryder have been invisible and less effective than Gio. At least Gio contributes defensively as well when not producing offence. I think like the rest of the veterans that have slowed down due to injuries and age that are still usefull, the best thing to due is to reduce their TOI and they would be more effective.
  10. I've been defending him for awhile but even I have to admit he's been invisible out there. If he's hurt he should sit and if he's not he should be sat for a game. At this point in time we should go with the best player regardless of how much they make....and that goes for a few players not just DD.
  11. I'm kinda upset we didn't keep the same lineup from friday night. lots of hustle hitting and team effort. doesn't help Carey not playing the same as friday either.
  12. I'm glad PK yelled at Patches. I like him but he's playing like he's the smallest guy out there.
  13. Hitting the ref with the puck is even better than wizzing it by his head lol
  14. I wish Moen had better hands, we'd be up about two or three more goals,lol
  15. Ahhhh, there were just so many it was hard to keep track lol
  16. Just curious, is there anything we haven't been called for yet?lol
  17. There comes a point that a fine just might be worth it.....or wiz a puck past the refs head lol
  18. How can reffing be this biased and no one do anything about it?
  19. As much as I'd like to punish the Sens, I don't really want PK to do it. Let Moen,White and Prust do that, unless PK really has to. He's more valuable on the ice than in the box or with our luck, hurt.
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