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  1. They could use a sizeable 35+ goal scorer. A physical defenseman would be nice too. They could move Armstrong, Weber, or Bourque for whatever they can get (more picks?) in order to help make something happen. Talented leadership is pretty valuable in the playoffs. Instead of going for a 5 min/game tough guy, development of strong PP-PK and 4 lines that can score should be priority. It fits with what they're doing right now anyways. If they did add a scorer with some presence, the Canadiens can go far by keeping pressure up all game thanks to their speed and grit. Four lines that can play also relieves some pressure off Price as it keeps the opponents playing two way hockey the entire game. This is good against a team like Carolina that relies on one or two lines to do all the scoring. Depth, grit and scoring on all four lines is a good stretegy to win games. The fourth line should be able to stand up to a fight and be able to put the puck in the net too. (Prust, Moen, and Plek maybe?)
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