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  1. It was really frustrating to watch so many shots miss the net, especially since a majority of them in the first period were glorious scoring opportunities. I really think the boys need to spend some more time on improving their accuracy in practice. If the HABS had to hit the net just 20-30% more last night the outcome would have been completely different. Oh well, at least they turned it on late in the game and managed to get a point out of the contest.
  2. I think the contract is another win for MB. Sure it came earlier then expected or needed for that matter but DD has been a great talent for the HABS to have in their lineup. Even with his lack of size he is a formable opponant that plays well beyond his T-shirt size. Also as a hockey player myself the abundance of developing centers in the lineup is not a problem. Center is the hardest position to play as a forward, you can do it or you can't. It is far easier to have a center move to a wing then vice versa. The dollar value is fair and not in the realm of CAP damaging. As long as the little guy keeps banging it out each night all of Habs nation can be happy with this deal.
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