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  1. Price played another 50/50 game...he has to step up...as for the rest of the game...the officials are completely to blame...it's alright to let calls go...after all it is the playoffs...but yesterday they were letting blatant calls go on both sides...and all that did was set things up for everybody on the ice to be so upset that things just blew...Montreal has to not play into Ottawas hand..concentrate on playing hockey and not the goon squad..and play more defensively in front of Price...as they clearly can not completely trust in his abilities.
  2. I'd like to elaborate, (was on my way to bed, so made it short and sweet).....This is a game of winning...not popularity...Price did do well in the first three quarters of the season...not the best mind you...but passable....the last quarter of the season he was one of the worse goal tenders in the league...not the best time of the season to start playing like crap....the smart move was to start Budaj right off the bat in this series..if he played bad and let in a couple of soft goals...THEN you put in Price...if he played well...then you leave him in...now what are we stuck with ? We are half way behind the 8 ball (not all the way mind you) and trying out Budaj in the 2nd game is even more of a gamble now....but I say put him in for tonights game and see.....now I know what many of you reading this are saying (thinking)...Price has way more experience in the playoffs...and that is what the staff was saying before the game...that was the reasoning behind starting Price last night was....well...using that convoluted reasoning...we might as well get Ken Dryden out of retirement and put him in the nets... after all...he has more experience than half the goaltenders in the league combined and a better career save percentage...stupid reasoning...right ?....WELLLLLLL....almost as stupid as the reasoning they used for starting Price last night....bottom line...Price is as cold as the ice he is playing on right now...his confidence is shot to hell...give Budaj a shot...I love my Habs..been following them since the early sixties when I was a kid.....Play to win, use your head..not numbers on a piece of paper. GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!
  3. Price lost that game for my Habs...thanks a lot.
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